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Sinukmani Festival 2011 of Rosario (The Primer)

June 9, 2010 – We went to Rosario, Batangas to experience Sinukmani Festival. It was actually our first time to cover the said festival but we’re no strangers to how yummy the star of the day is. Sinukmani (sticky rice cake) is one of the Rosario’s bests.

June 9, 2011 – A year after, the team will go back to Rosario to take part in the celebration of their 324th Founding Anniversary. For the second time, we are about to witness the festival — and this year, we hope to grab a bite of sinukmani! 😀

Last year, around 200+ participants from various sectors of the municipality joined in creating the 520 meter-long line of sinukmani. If you are wondering how many participants will join, then watch out for Sinukmani Festival 2011 coverage tomorrow. For the schedule of activities of the 324th Founding Anniversary of Rosario, click HERE.

See you tomorrow in Rosario at 7:00am for the Foundation Day program, the Sinukmani Festival (Luansing Plaza), and the street dance competition (Laurel Park). If you see us taking pictures, show your best smile. 😉

Take a look back on what we’ve enjoyed last year. You can click this link to see the photos of Sinukmani Festival 2010.


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  1. Sinukmani is one of my favorites among the kakains in Batangas. And that from Rosario is the best tasting ever! 🙂

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