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Young Christmas

Young Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas is really in the air. From the moment you wake up, the gentle breeze will remind you about the season and will invite you to then again sleep.. Once you enter the mall or any shopping vicinity, even when you go outside your house, you can see those glittering Christmas decors- Christmas lights, Christmas trees.. You can also hear different Christmas carols and jingles. Kids even endure the coldness of the night just to have their “carolings” and teenagers do go to the church for the “Simbang gabi” and might as well have their dates after the mass.

Celebrating Christmas with your loved ones is the most special gift you can give to yourself, I think. Aside from the fact that it’s cheaper than buying yourself a pair of new Chucks, the joy that you’ll feel is unmeasurable. Looking back at last year’s Christmas, it was really fantastic. I spent Christmas with my family and few friends yelling and doing some funny stuffs together. Exchanging gifts is the most exciting part there. That’s the time when you are expecting your gift to be as special or even more special as your gift was. Though sometimes, unfortunate things happen and you end up having your gift as “soon to come” because the person responsible for buying you one forgot his gift at home or matters such as that.

It is undeniably true that Christmas is the most exciting event that happens once a year aside from your birthday, which sometimes even more memorable than your birthday, actually. It’s a perfect time to give something special to someone you like.. Apparently, for all those youngsters out there, during Christmas parties or presentations, it’s their time to show- off and impress people and show their affection to someone. I just then remembered how time changes everything, though. Mind you.. Before, the most memorable Christmas experience I got is when my so- called “crush” asked me for a date just after giving a special number in our Christmas party and gave me something so special.. (Just need to keep what that was for you not to have a clue of how young I am now, heheh!) Well, after those happy moments.. So far, the most unforgettable Christmas I have is the very usual BREAK- UP story.. (NO wonder I can’t really appreciate Christmas that much, nowadays.. Because as I can see everybody happy.. enjoying and having great time together with their loved ones.. it’s also the same time I got myself so damn broken!) Nah, that’s part of life..

Well, it’s Christmas.. and the essence of Christmas is for us to share the blessings that we have for the whole year, spend time with the people we missed and value a lot in our lives, especially our family, give thanks to the Savior whose really the reason why we do have Christmas in our lives and most of all, show Him how we appreciate the life He lent us. It’s not about the gifts, presents, food, wine or the parties that matters evry time we do celebrate this special occasion.. It’s HIM! And by simply showing our love to the people around us, He can then feel that we really have Him in our lives. Merry Merry Christmas and have a great year ahead..! Ciao!

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