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Lesson Learned From Christmas

Lesson Learned From Christmas

How can I ever forget the sound of the echoing breeze and cold wind that lingers all over me everytime I remember one person in my life whom I want to spend all precious moments with? The touch of loneliness and disappointment covers me up and pull me down to the stream of no where. “Hey! Merry Christmas!” A friend of mine suddenly told me. I’m not expecting to see her there and I did not even noticed her coming my way. It was really a surprise to see her again. “How are you?”, she then asked me. By just looking at her, I ran out of words and was not able to answer her. She looked so gorgeous and totally changed. “We only got few more days to go”, she interrupted. And I’m so damn excited about it. Just got all my presents wrapped and.. uh! Why do you look like that?! Is there any problem?” “N..No! Of course.. I’m okay! Why?!”, I asked her. She looked at me, the same look she did when I asked her before a very silly question that made me realized so many things. It was also during the same season when I came to her, crying and almost lost myself. My boyfriend and I broke up and I tend to loose my world, unlike her. Her father died three days before Christmas, their family lost their business way after that. Her sister got pregnant and she almost lost everything. I don’t know, I was so depressed and I cried hard enough without even remembering that her case was worst than what I am experiencing. She hugged me and that eased all the pain and intense feeling of anger in me. She smiled at me and hugged me even tighter. “Why? .. You still have the guts to smile? You almost lost evrything”, I confusedly asked her. She whispered.. “Once you loose yourself, that would be the only time you’ll lose everything!”

I just then realized that life is what me make it. The way we see things in perspective will also be the same thing that we might have and that we are the only ones giving reasons to what is happening to explain it further to ourselves. It only depends on what kind of reason we will have. I learned that the way you think will surely affect you and no matter how much we try to avoid those things, it will always make its way to find us especially when it’s bound to happened. Lost, torments, problems, disappointments, grievance and all those sad emotions will keep on haunting us if we will not learn to accept things the way they are. We must only have our own reasons of putting all these things together so that we’ll not be hurt and find our own way of moving on and living a new life..

It’s Christmas, anyway! We must have another reason to live and thank God for all the year’s blessings and guidance. It’s now our time to show Him how we appreciate His existence in our lives.. Besides, He suffered more than enough just to make us this happy right now, He deserves to best in us. Merry Christmas everyone!

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