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Christmas Is More Than What Meets The Eye

Christmas Is MOre Than What What Meets The Eye

Celebration of special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries were very usual matters to me. We tend to buy gifts, prepare variety of food and spend a lot of time together.. eating, drinking, singing.. and laughing! We can apparently see that everyone is happy and were having fun.. And before Christmas time, we tend to change our attitude knowing that Santa will be watching out for good kids and the bad guys will be left behind with nothing on their socks at the window. We also save lots of money for the gifts and for the things we will buy for ourselves. As a child, we are all so excited everytime we know that there’s a special occasion ahead especially when it’s Christmas time. We look forward to seeing ourselves wearing new clothes, new pair of shoes and bragging about the gifts we got from Mom and Dad or from our godmothers or godfathers. Well, that’s how I see these things before.. That’s how a childhood friend of mine sees Christmas way back when we were just little kids – it’s just like a birthday celebration of a family member, that’s how it goes! But as time passes by, our economic strata changed, how we believe things goes out with it and the way we view matters suddenly differs and matures as we grew up.

Celebrating Christmas here in Batangas is a new thing to him. Few days before Christmas, I can see how disappointed he is to know that he’ll be spending the yule tide season with us here in the province and not with Mom and Dad who just left for a business trip. He was expecting to celebrate Christmas with his family and rest of the people in the village where he actually grew up. We just became friends because his mother was my godmother, though. The way he looks at Christmas is far different from the way me and family looks at it. He was given everything by his parents, except time.. Unlike us..

It’s Christmas eve! We prayed before sharing the food that we prepared for the Noche Buena. It was just a simple “salo- salo” as what we used to call it. Our whole family gathers in the table and talk about diffrent things and enjoyed the time together. I can see that he was a bit surprised and confused at the same time to see that, that’s it! Before going back to sleep, we prepared our socks and put it in the window wishing that for that time, Santa will acknowledge our obedience and might have prepared even small piece of chocolate for us. It was CHRISTMAS! The day all of us waited for. We rushed up from our beds and looked at our socks. We looked at it in a very expectant way. But, there’s nothing in it.. We then go back to our beds and look for Mom and asked her why Santa haven’t gave us anything. Mom simply said that the reason why Santa haven’t gave us anything is because we expected him to give us something. We can’t understand what my Mom told us. She then explained that Santa knows whether a kid was really good from looking at the bottom of his heart and not by just seeing that a kid is being nice because it’s Christmas time. My friend was just staring us from the corner of the room holding his big robots and toy cars. Mom just embraced us and told us that even if we haven’t got a gift from anybody during Christmas, we must still be thankful because we are alive and was given a chance to reach our dreams, which counts as wonderful blessings. And that someday, we will have the chance to buy gifts even for Santa, that is if we already made our dreams come true. What’s important about Christmas is we know why we celebrate the occasion.. And that we are together with the people we love most.. sharing every valuable minute together, though not holding any precious gift.

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