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Vilma's Lechon

Brgy Bolbok, Lipa, Batangas, Philippines

Vilma’s Lechon is a family run business located in Brgy. Bolbok, Lipa City, with a branch in Darasa, Tanauan City, which provides crispy and delicious Lechong Baboy and Lechong Baka with their signature sauce.

The History

Inspired by the legacy left by their parents, Vilma’s Lechon was conceptualized in the 1970s through the hard works of Mr. Felix Leynes and Mrs. Vilma Leynes. Before putting up the lechon business, Mr. Felix Leynes used to supply pigs to one of the most popular Lechon establishments in Manila where he learned the tricks of the trade, eventually put up his own.

In 1983, Vilma’s Lechon was formally opened to the public. Like any other startups, it was not a smooth sail at first. They had their fair share of non-paying customers and scammers. Nonetheless, through continuous innovations and catching of the trend and staying resilient, the establishment was able to overcome these setbacks.

The Lechon

The secret, as per Vilma’s Lechon, is in the pig and cow itself. Mr. Felix Leynes, up to this day, still personally does the trade and quality control of their primary ingredient.

Upon arrival from the city’s slaughterhouse, the carcass is first inspected and goes through secondary cleaning. Then, it is affixed on a steel pole and then stuffed with a mixture of herbs and spices. (They are also open to clients’ special requests in terms of flavorings and stuffing.) Once sewn up, the carcass is rubbed with a combination of milk and water which gives the lechon that enticing red color. The pig is roasted over charcoal fire for around two and a half hours – depending on size – while continuously lathered with oil.

As for the lechong baka, after being slaughtered, it is affixed on a specially produced steel pole. Unlike with Lechon Baboy, the taste of the Lechong Baka does not come from the stuffing but from a specially concocted marinate that has been with the family for years. It is then roasted over charcoal fire and checked from time to time.

Their famous sauce, on one hand, has gone through years of experimenting and perfecting to ensure that it would stand out among its competitors.

The Staff

They are really friendly and accommodating. Since it is a family owned business and their home serve as the primary business center, the whole family has had a habit of personally catering to their clients’ needs, together with their equally accommodating staff. Despite unpleasant and sometimes depleting experiences with previous customers, they still strive to provide their customers with the best tasting lechon for their festivities and occasions.


Later on, Mrs. Vilma Leynes decided to open an eatery to go along their lechon business. They serve house specialties like lechon, lechong paksiw, and dinuguan.


Over the years, they were able to supply lechon to popular resorts, companies, and fiestas not just in the province of Batangas but also in Metro Manila and other neighboring provinces. They have also had clients who brought the product overseas.

Branch 1
Brgy Bolbok, Katipunan Rd, Lipa, 4218 Batangas
Branch 2
Darasa, Tanauan City, Batangas

Contact Details:

Address : Brgy Bolbok,, Katipunan Rd, Lipa, 4218 Batangas
Tel No.043 756 4971
Cellphone No.0917 811 5690 | Bheybie Gonzales

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