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World Aids Day - Celebrate with Lipa Medix Medical Center
Lipa City, Batangas

December 1 is World AIDS Day, a day to come together to end the HIV epidemic across the globe. We all have a role to play, so let’s stop HIV together

Dela Paz, Bungahan, Cuenca, Batangas
0931 823 43480931 823 4348

Inhinyero’s Restobar is a casual restaurant, rooftop coffee, and milk tea shop located at Dela Paz, Barangay Bungahan, Cuenca, Batangas that offers 360 degrees view of the Municipality of Cuenca and neighboring municipalities where you can dine and chill with your family and friends.

Inhinyero’s Resto Bar
📍 Sitio Delapaz, Brgy Bungahan, Cuenca, Batangas
📱 0931 823 4348
⏱ Mon-Fri (10AM to 10PM) | Sat-Sun (6AM to 11PM)

✅ Parking
✅ Band Performers
✅ Great Food (Coffee,Milktea,Meals)
✅ Great View
✅ Chill Drinks
✅ Transportation (Tricycle)

How Inhinyero’s Resto Bar started

Engineer Earl Hosena, Inhinyero’s Restobar owner, first opted to establish a Japan-Bali-inspired apartment since the rural, relaxing vibes of the place demand imperturbable features and laid-back accommodations.

However, when the magnificence of Barangay Bungahan— replete with a scenic, towering, 360-degree view of Cuenca and neighboring towns—fully sank in with Engr. Earl, then realized that a casual coffee and dining hub is perfect for the lot.

The Restaurant, Coffee and Milktea Rooftop Bar

What sets Inhinyero’s Restobar from other restaurants in Cuenca is its menu. Its offerings may not be reminiscent of traditional Batangueno cuisine: its menu which includes Pan-Grilled Ribeye, Taiwanese Pork Chop, and Taco Pasta also serves as a great introduction to a luscious, foreign and affordable cuisine to some of the locals who otherwise would be denied a chance to enjoy great food in such a relaxed setting.

The place also serves a range of milk tea, coffee, and mild alcoholic beverages with a budget-friendly 60 pesos starting price. The main dishes’ fees range from 160 to 498 pesos.



Check out the full menu:


  • Inhinyeros Latte
  • Americano
  • Iced Americano
  • Caffe Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Single Espresso
  • Double Espresso Latte
  • Espresso Macchiato

Milk Tea

  • Inhinyero’s Best
  • Okinawa
  • Taro
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Oreo Milktea
  • Pearl Milktea


Ala Carte

  • Pan Grilled Rib Eye
  • Pan Grilled Salmon
  • Pan Grilled Beef Tenderloin

Pork Meal

  • Pork BBQ
  • Mushroom Pork Chop
  • Inhinyeros Taiwanese Porkchop

Chicken Meal

  • Chicken Stir Fry
  • Mushroom Chicken Thigh
  • Inhinyero’s Taiwanese Chicken Chop


  • Charlie Chan Pasta
  • Chicken Mushroom Alfredo
  • Taco Pasta
  • Meat Balls

Picka Peak’s

  • Nachos Grande
  • Calamari Fritti
  • Potato Wedges Fries
  • Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Add Ons

  • Dip Sauce
  • Inhinyero Egg Rice
  • Mashed Potato
  • Plain Rice
  • Chicken Oil


  • Sisig
  • Crispy Pata

For those who would like to maximize the relaxing ambiance, guests may also stay for occasional band and artist performers amid calm and peaceful surroundings.

Follow Inhinyero’s Resto Bar for more updates:

Balete, Batangas
Train before you race, on actual Spartan obstacles, here at Batangas Lakelands! Leave a message to learn more.
Leviste Highway, Brgy. Malabanan, Balete, Philippines

Give Dad the ultimate adventure this Father’s Day with Batangas Lakelands! Treat him to a day trip filled with excitement and relaxation, topped off with a mouthwatering boodle fight platter. Celebrate the hero in your life surrounded by nature’s beauty and delicious flavors. #FathersDay #boodle #adventure #BatangasLakelands

Lemery, Batangas, Philippines

Lipa City, Batangas
The whole management of Lipa Medix Medical Center congratulates Lipa Medix Cancer Center Corporation for their 4th Founding Anniversary.
Together with LMCCC, your battle is also our battle and we will conquer cancer by your side.
Happy 4th Foundation Day, LMCCC!
Lipa City, Batangas
Enjoy the distinct privileges of working in one of the most advanced and prestigious Medical Center in the South Luzon region.
Lipa Medix Medical Center is looking for Medical Technologists.
Interested applicants may e-mail their resume to or visit HRD Office, 2nd Level, Main Building, Lipa Medix Medical Center, J. P. Laurel Highway, Balintawak, Lipa City, Batangas.
Barangay Bubuyan, Mataasnakahoy, Batangas

Batangas is well-known to be one of the favorite summer destinations here in the Philippines. Many tourists and locals plan to go to beaches and resorts here in Batangas. As years go by we tend to be choosy with our summer getaway place and ask ourselves questions like where can we plunge our stress away? Where can we find serenity while relaxing and indulging ourselves in nature? Or where can we find a place to chill or relax and have fun with the family? Luckily, we find all of these in a semi-private resort in Brgy Bubuyan, Mataasnakahoy, Batangas named Serenewoods Farm and Resort.

Only two hours away from the hustles and bustles of the country’s capital, a sliding roughed-wood gate at Brgy. Bubuyan, Mataasnakahoy, Batangas awaits us people whose minds are mostly drowned by the everyday toxicities of sky-high walls and impassable traffic congestions. Walking inside opens a sloped terrain of a budding paradise of fruit-bearing trees, flowers and gardens that hide a budding paradise of infinity pools and leisure activities for the weary. The place’s feels is amplified by greens and peace that it is named Serenewoods Farm and Resort.

[gallery link="file" ids="50864,50860,50859,50865,50866,50867"]

Serenewoods Farm and Resort is only twenty minutes away from the Lipa tollway exit. It is a semi-private resort that exhibits natural beauty in a sloped terrain which caters peace to people through its infinity pools amenity that overlooks jungles and terrains and even offers a glimpse of Taal Lake.

About the Owner:

Serenewoods Farm and Resort is owned and managed by Mr. Lino Buenafe, a business-minded father of two who lives in Balete, Batangas City. Mr. Lino is a car enthusiast that’s why his first venture is a Car Accessory Business and through those businesses, he is able to provide the needs for his family and acquire a property in Brgy Bubuyan, Mataasnakahoy, Batangas.

He later decided to convert this property into a resort and a vacation place for his family use but later on, friends started asking if they can rent it to have their vacation or events held in the resort. Upon establishing the business, problems occur because it is inevitable, Mr. Lino has been stressed when it comes to the allocation of budget, to the development of the resort and its design, and he noted that it is way harder to develop a property on a slope land but he keeps on bringing bright ideas to maximize the slope area and added more features to the resorts. He realized that education and patience are what an individual needs to be successful in life.

The Resort and its Amenities

Serenewoods Farm and Resort was four years old already but was only officially opened for travelers’ and tourists’ use last February. The resort is the best choice for families’ and barkadas’ getaways that seek for massive-accommodating rooms.

Mr. Lino is very hands-on in designing the resort and very proud of using modern designs from roofs, furniture, etc. that’s why every corner of it you’ll surely find a great angle for your Instagram photos.

Serenewoods Farm and Resort has a variety of cottages and rooms; it has (3) three pools where you can plunge your stress away. (a 4-5ft. private pool, a 4-5ft. semi-private pool, a 3 ft. kiddie pool and a gazebo.)

[gallery link="file" ids="50878,50877,50876,50913,50912,50911"]

The resort is designed to cater to families and barkadas that is why they’re also offering fully air-conditioned rooms with television for those who want to stay and enjoy the view at night. They have a variety of rooms to choose from which can accommodate 4 to 12 persons depending on your room choice.

[gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="50886,50887,50885,50884,50883,50881,50880,50879"]

They also have a function hall that can accommodate 100-120 persons for events such as birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, etc. and an activity area for sporty people such as billiards, dart board, a half-court basketball court, climbing net and playground for kids.

[gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="50901,50900,50899,50898,50897,50896,50895,50894"]

And who wouldn’t miss out? – A top of the line and well-designer Private Videoke Room where you can sing your hearts out. It has 16 speakers (8 woofers, 4 midranges 4 tweeters) that produce good and loud sound perfect for jamming and enjoyment.

[gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="50893,50892,50891,50890,50889,50888,50902,50903"]

Here are some photos of the Serenewood Farm and Resort at night.

[gallery link="file" ids="50907,50906,50908,50909,50910,50905"]

They are planning to add more to those amenities, and continuously develop and expand the resort itself.

 Day Swimming Entrance Fee (7am – 4pm)  P200.00 – Adults/Kids | Free for kids 2 years old and below
 Night Swimming Entrance Fee (2am – 10pm)  P200.00 – Adults/Kids | Free for kids 2 years old and below
 Overnight Swimming (2pm-12nn)  No Entrance Fee (Must rent a room)
 COTTAGES (Day and Night Swimming)  PRICE
 Small Cottage with Videoke (Good for 15 pax)  P3,500.00
 Big Cottage with Videoke (Good for 40 pax)  P7,500.00
 Gazebo (Good for 6 pax)  P2,000.00
 ROOM RATES (Overnight Swimming)  PRICE
 Acacia (Good for 4 pax – Can max up to 6 – 8 pax)  P5,500.00
 Narra (Good for 4 pax – Can max up to 6 – 8 pax)  P5,500.00
 Mahogany (Good for 4 pax – Can max up to 6 – 8 pax)  P5,500.00
 Barkada Room (Good for 10 pax – Can max up to 12 pax)  P8,500.00
 Function Hall (Good for 100 – 120 pax | 5 Hours)  P25,000.00
 Private Videoke Room  P2,500.00 Unlimited Use

For inquiries:
Contact Numbers:
(043) 741 6617
(043) 706 8709

How to go:

Serenewoods Farm and Resort is highly recommendable for family and barkadas, for people who just want to find serenity and for those who seek for peace of mind by enjoying what the resort has to offer and those who want to relax close to nature.

Balete, Batangas
“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” – Isaac Newton
At Batangas Lakelands, bridges, both literally and figuratively, are of great value. As we build bamboo bridges for a fun nature walking experience, our guests create their own bridges by getting to know each other as we do our best to promote “traveling without strangers.”
So, don’t just stay on the other side of the bridge, cross it and visit Batangas Lakelands. Send us a message now!
Verdan Bldg, Poblacion 2, Cuenca, Batangas

Black Boba Milktea Shop & Co.

‘Tis the season everyone mixes tastes and Cuenqueños love how Black Boba does this.

If you were one of the milk tea lovers of this age or if you simply like the mix-match of tastes, you must not miss Black Boba Milktea Shop & Co.

Black Boba has its own formula of stirring milk tea craze in Batangas and no one’s stopping its hype! With varieties to choose, from healthy choices to conscious milk tea preferences, fruities or non-tea based and more picas and goodies offered, Black Boba Milktea Shop & Co. is a phenomenal sip in a cup!

[gallery columns="2" link="file" ids="51563,51564"]

About the Owner

Black Boba Milktea Shop & Co. is a milk tea shop in Cuenca, Batangas, conceptualized by Ms. Diana Rose Duran and established together with her business partners.

Ms. Duran’s first love was really bread and pastries until she landed in Taiwan and got to taste the milk tea she fell in love with. Hooked into it, she was inspired to conceptualize her own milk tea brand.

Black Boba is the fruit of her passion for food and business, which is why she spends most of her time in their milk tea shop. Black Boba is the page of her life’s book that imparts the value of pursuing where you are good and passionate which will lead you to the success you have always wanted.

She is also fond of Korean dramas, webtoons, and stuff which is very clear from how Black Boba Milktea Shop’s interior is a uniquely designed artistry.

[gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="51577,51567,51569,51568,51570,51571,51572,51573,51574,51575,51576,51566"]

About the Business

Black Boba Milktea Shop & Co. is an original branded milk tea shop located at Verdan Building, Poblacion 2, Cuenca, Batangas. It opened last March 18, 2019,  and is managed by Ms. Diana Rose Duran with her two business partners. Their brand name stands for the black and white theme of the store and Boba means Pearls.

Black Boba Milktea Shop & Co. is uniquely designed with Ms. Duran being a K-Drama fan at heart. The shop concept is a webtoon world, inspired by a cafe in Seoul which is black and white themed.

Black Boba always ensures 100% freshly brewed tea from Taiwan. Plus, it has a lot more to offer with variants falling under Frappes, Fruit Teas, Smoothies and Pica pica. They continuously innovate and create flavors that are why their products are their own mix, recipe, and flavor.

Students and locals of all ages from Cuenca and its adjacent municipalities like San Jose and Alitagtag are their patron customers. Even foreign tourists, visitors, stop by to visit for Black Boba milk tea.

Until the present, Black Boba Milktea Shop & Co. is stirring cups of success and gratefulness to their customers whose taste buds never forget to crave for their milk teas and offers.

Promos and plans

Black Boba sells an eco-friendly cup where customers can avail it for an additional 10 pesos in their purchase. Since the cup is reusable, every purchase of milk tea using this cup is 5 pesos less from their orders.

Ms. Diana is very proud to announce that Black Boba Milktea Shop & Co. is open for franchise this coming September. Right now, it is only available within Batangas province but does not close opportunities of venturing out in more places nationwide.

 Classic Milk Tea  Hershey’s Choco Frappe
 Okinawa Milk Tea  Hershey’s Milo
 Hokkaido Milk Tea  Milo Cappuccino
 Wintermelon Milk Tea  Mocha Hazelnut
 Oreo Milk Tea  Cocoa Hazelnut
 Taro Milk Tea  Coffee Jelly
 Cocoa Milk Tea  Mango Graham
 Matcha Milk Tea  Strawberry Oreo
 Honeydew Milk Tea  Chocolate Chip Cream
 Milo Chip Cream
 FRUIT TEA  Java Chip
 Blueberry  Kitkat Frappe
 Green Apple
 Lemon  Taro
 Lychee  Cocoa
 Mango  Honeydew
 Orange  Coffee Jelly
 Passion Fruit  Matcha Green Tea
 Raspberry  Oreo Milk Tea
 Strawberry  Cocoa Milk Tea
 Winter Melon  Classic Milk Tea
 Matcha Milk Tea
 BOBA YAKULT SERIES  Cocoa and Oreo Milk Tea
 Yakult Lemon Juice
 Yakult Green Apple Juice  BOBA ICE CREAM SPECIAL
 Yakult Blueberry Juice  Ice Cream Cocoa Milk Tea
 Yakult Raspberry Juice  Ice Cream Matcha Milk Tea
 Yakult Lychee Juice  Ice Cream Oreo Milk Tea
 Ice Cream Cocoa & Oreo Milk Tea
 BOBER’s CHOICE  Ice Cream Strawberry Cocoa Milk Tea
 Boba TIGER Milk Tea
 3BB Milk Tea (pudding+crystals+boba)  TOPPINGS AND SINKERS
 Boba’s Special (cocoa milk tea with cream cheese)  Boba (pearls)
 Iced Coffee  Crystals (nata)
 Strawberry’ Cocoa Milk Tea  Egg Pudding
 Bobatella  Coffee Crystals
 Green Apple Fruit tea  Rock Salt and Cheese
 Hersheys Choco Frappe  Popping Boba (Lychee, Strawberry, Mango)
 Coffee jelly smoothies
 Boba Teapsy ( Alcohol Infused Milk Tea)  Hashbrown
 – Buyers must present their ID’s validating that they are 18 yrs old and above upon purchasing the Boba Teapsy.  8pcs Nuggets
 Mojos Plain
 Cream Series (non-tea based)  Mojos Buffalo
 Milk Tea on a Gallon and Jar
 Spicy Tuna Pasta  COMBO
 Beef Cheesy Nachos  Fries and 2 Hashbrown
 Milk Tea with Fries  Fries and Nuggets
 Milk Tea with Fries & Nuggets  Fries and Mojos Plain
 Fries and Mojos Buffalo
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Lipa City, Batangas
Oras na to pamper your eyes , hindi lang ngayon dapat taun-taon!
Ipagdiwang natin ang kahalagahan ng ating mga mata! Alagaan ito bago pa magkaroon ng sakit tulad ng catarata o glaucoma.
Magpa-schedule na sa mga Ophthalmologist ng Lipa Medix Medical Center! Tumawag lamang sa mga numerong ito mula 9 ng umaga hanggang 3 ng hapon tuwing Lunes hanggang Sabado:
0997-855-6168 / 0925-526-1578 / (043) 756-2342 | 2372 | 1190 | 3008 | 5094 | 5122 ; (043) 784-0450 local 7000
Show care for your sight para sa #HealthyPilipinas
Malvar, Batangas

Experience once again the blooming flavors of Garden Room. Now open DAILY for DINNER 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
For Weekend Lunch, come and visit us 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.
For Table booking, please call (0927) 614 4565 or (0927) 614 4566


Leviste Highway, Brgy. Malabanan, Balete, Philippines
Craft timeless memories with your family this Easter Sunday with an unforgettable day of enchanting activities, games, and prizes for you and your kids for only P500 pesos!
Send us a message here on our page to book! For more information, visit
Batangas Lakelands is open every Saturday and Sunday, and is located along Leviste Highway, Balete, Batangas. We are also open this Holy Week from March 28-31, 2024.
Ngayong August, Breastfeeding Awareness Month, bigyang kahalagahan ang pagsuporta sa mga mommies na magbreast feed hangga’t nais nila.
Suportahan din natin ang adbokasiya na gawing normal ang pagpapasuso bilang pamantayan ng nutrisyon ng inyong mga babies.
Rizal avenue Extension Barangay Sta.Clara Batangas City
043-702 8085043-702 8085
Globe: 0935 236 1810 / Smart: 0930 281 8701Globe: 0935 236 1810 / Smart: 0930 281 8701

Batangan Bayview Hotel and Restaurant have a nice, spacious, comfortable but cheaper room rate. They take pride in providing their guests with the highest quality and very personal service so that they can emulate what it’s like to be at home.

They can assure you that the rooms are to every guest’s liking, from numbers of pillows to the thickness and warmth of the bed. They also provide services like massage, wifi-access, private dining, and function hall for business meetings.

[gallery columns="2" link="file" size="medium" ids="43127,43128,43129,43130"]

They are open until 10:00 pm to provide you with your choice meals at any time of the day or night.

Batangan Bayview Hotel and Restaurant also offers discounts for frequent guests!

They are located in Rizal Ave. Extension Brgy. Sta.Clara Batangas City, close to Batangas State University, Plaza Mabini, Coliseum, Mall, Public Market and just a few minutes from the local downtown area right next to Batangas port pier.

This is to inform you of the best services and hospitality available in Batangan Bayview Hotel and Restaurant.

Hotel Rates

* Standard Single Bedroom

12 hours
2 PAX- PHP 950.00
24 hrs – Free 1 Breakfast
2 PAX- PP 1,350.00

*Twin Bed Room

12 hrs
2 PAX- PHP 1,250.00
24 hrs- Free 2 Breakfast
2PAX- PHP 1,650.00

*Wash UP

3 hrs for Single Bed- PHP 500.00
Other Offer

* Conference room (3 hrs)- PHP 500.00
Extra Bed- PHP 300.00

Check-in Time: 2:00 pm
Check-out Time: 12:00 noon


 Chicken  Beef
 Chicken Adobo  Beef Caldereta
 Chicken Barbeque  Beef Tenderloins Tips
 Chicken Caldereta  Beef Broccoli
 Chicken Cordon Bleu  Beef with Mushroom
 Chicken Tinola  Beef Salpicao
 Chili Chicken  Beef Teppanyaki
 Crispy Chicken  Seafood
 Pork  Steamed Fish w/ Garlic Gaze
 Pork Adobo  Steamed Fish w/ Mayonnaise
 Pork Asado  Sweet & sour fish
 Pork Alakobana  Butterfly Prawns
 Lechon Kawali  Crispy oven Fish
 Pork Hamonado  Chili prawns
 Pork Menudo  Camaron Rebusado
 Pork Pata Kare-kare  Calamares
 Pork adobo with Honey  Seafoods Bicol Express
 Pork Nilaga/Sinigang  Desserts
 Pork Sisig  Maja Corn
 Pork Caldereta  Banana Royale
 Buko Pandan
 Buko Lychee
 Ref Cake
 Mango Ref Cake

Villa Jovita (46).jpg
Brgy. Ayao-Iyao, Lemery, Batangas
0927 390 34540927 390 3454
0927 390 34540927 390 3454

Chianneb’s Restaurant Lemery is a Cozy Nordic-inspired Restaurant in the heart of Lemery Batangas.

This restaurant from Barangay Ayao-Iyao offers the most satisfying Pinoy Cuisines and offers a 360° “Probinsya” feel view at their Alfresco Roof Deck. 

About the Owner

Vanni Garcia, a former OFW and former hotelier, and business partner Michelle Bereña, a Chef started the business last 2017 in small nipa huts. 

The pandemic paved the way to start Chianneb’s Restaurant Lemery branch is their 3rd branch. According to Mr. Vanni, they accidentally stumble upon this good location when their delivery rider needs assistance delivering goods at Villa Jovita. Luckily, he got the chance to talk to the owner and grabbed the opportunity to put up a new branch. 

About the Restaurant

Chianneb’s Restaurant offers a cozy and chill place for your friends and family to dine in and relax. This 2-story-building has an indoor restaurant and an Alfresco Roof Deck which offers a 360° degree nature-inspired view. They also cater events and deliver to nearby resorts and events areas.

They also wanted to share that they want their clients to experience the best by great food and great customer experience thru a happy vibe working environment. 


Chianneb’s Restaurant is well-known for its most satisfying Pinoy Cuisines and mouth-watering dishes. Most on their list are Filipino Comfort Dishes that are budget-friendly.

Their management wants locals and visitors to experience great food without spending too much money. 

Delivery, Events Catering, and Food Packages

Chiannebs Restaurant also offers a ton of Food Packages for different events such as Weddings, Birthdays, Team gatherings, or even your Family Outing. 

They also have their own delivery team for hassle-free door-to-door delivery of mouth-watering dishes at nearby resorts or at the comfort of your own home. 

They also have live bands performers every night!

Check out their menu: 


Balete, Batangas
Fill in the blank by commenting your answer below and get a chance to win free passes to Batangas Lakelands!
Lima Commercial Estate, Lipa-Malvar, 4200 Lipa, Malvar, Batangas

Never let this once-in-a-lifetime moment happen without a blast! Register in the “Tie the Knot” Online Bridal Fair and secure Limapark Hotel’s exceptional Intimate Wedding Packages!

With rates starting at only P72,000, these packages are available only until April 30, 2021! So hurry and book your dream wedding now!

To register, visit

or directly fill out their form in this link:

Brgy. Marawoy, Lipa City, Batangas

FIESTA WORLD MALL is acknowledged as the pioneer of the mall industry in the province of Batangas of the CALABARZON region.

Founded in November 1997 by philanthropist, Dr. Lorenzo Ku, wife, Madam Anita Ku, and four enterprising children, FIESTA WORLD MALL is billed, “The First, The Biggest and The Only” mall ever constructed in Southern Luzon.

FIESTA WORLD MALL sits on a 10-hectare property with 35,000 sqm of a leaseable area where fun, shopping, dining and entertainment awaits everyone. Its perimeter boasts of more than 3 hectares of open-area parking generously provided for public convenience.

To date and true to its commitment, FIESTA WORLD MALL continues to provide immense business opportunities, excellent customer service and unbelievably affordable products and services via its partners and affiliates who share the family’s vision.

Come and visit FIESTA WORLD MALL –

“Where Everyday is Fiesta!”
Brgy Bolbok, Lipa, Batangas, Philippines

Vilma’s Lechon is a family run business located in Brgy. Bolbok, Lipa City, with a branch in Darasa, Tanauan City, which provides crispy and delicious Lechong Baboy and Lechong Baka with their signature sauce.

The History

Inspired by the legacy left by their parents, Vilma’s Lechon was conceptualized in the 1970s through the hard works of Mr. Felix Leynes and Mrs. Vilma Leynes. Before putting up the lechon business, Mr. Felix Leynes used to supply pigs to one of the most popular Lechon establishments in Manila where he learned the tricks of the trade, eventually put up his own.

In 1983, Vilma’s Lechon was formally opened to the public. Like any other startups, it was not a smooth sail at first. They had their fair share of non-paying customers and scammers. Nonetheless, through continuous innovations and catching of the trend and staying resilient, the establishment was able to overcome these setbacks.

The Lechon

The secret, as per Vilma’s Lechon, is in the pig and cow itself. Mr. Felix Leynes, up to this day, still personally does the trade and quality control of their primary ingredient.

Upon arrival from the city’s slaughterhouse, the carcass is first inspected and goes through secondary cleaning. Then, it is affixed on a steel pole and then stuffed with a mixture of herbs and spices. (They are also open to clients’ special requests in terms of flavorings and stuffing.) Once sewn up, the carcass is rubbed with a combination of milk and water which gives the lechon that enticing red color. The pig is roasted over charcoal fire for around two and a half hours – depending on size – while continuously lathered with oil.

As for the lechong baka, after being slaughtered, it is affixed on a specially produced steel pole. Unlike with Lechon Baboy, the taste of the Lechong Baka does not come from the stuffing but from a specially concocted marinate that has been with the family for years. It is then roasted over charcoal fire and checked from time to time.

Their famous sauce, on one hand, has gone through years of experimenting and perfecting to ensure that it would stand out among its competitors.

The Staff

They are really friendly and accommodating. Since it is a family owned business and their home serve as the primary business center, the whole family has had a habit of personally catering to their clients’ needs, together with their equally accommodating staff. Despite unpleasant and sometimes depleting experiences with previous customers, they still strive to provide their customers with the best tasting lechon for their festivities and occasions.


Later on, Mrs. Vilma Leynes decided to open an eatery to go along their lechon business. They serve house specialties like lechon, lechong paksiw, and dinuguan.


Over the years, they were able to supply lechon to popular resorts, companies, and fiestas not just in the province of Batangas but also in Metro Manila and other neighboring provinces. They have also had clients who brought the product overseas.

Branch 1
Brgy Bolbok, Katipunan Rd, Lipa, 4218 Batangas
Branch 2
Darasa, Tanauan City, Batangas

Contact Details:

Address : Brgy Bolbok,, Katipunan Rd, Lipa, 4218 Batangas
Tel No.043 756 4971
Cellphone No.0917 811 5690 | Bheybie Gonzales

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