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Alitagtag, Batangas Religious Destinations and History of the Holy Cross

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The History of the Holy Cross

Alitagtag is a Catholic Town. Other faith is Protestanism. In Poblacion West, there lie in the outskirts of the town the Binukalan Church where from the site, the Patron of Bauan and of the town, the Holy Cross was taken by the Jesuit Priests in the 16th century. It was told that long, long time ago, there was this kinhearted woman who suffered greatly from the whims of her cruel husband. She was made to fetch water every night in the lake and have to overcome the fear of darkness and dangers posed by sloppy path and ravines. This hardship ended when one day, the woman out to do her arduous task came upon an anubing tree and with all the pain and agony in her heart, kneel and pray asking for God’s mercy. Water miraculously pours from the tree which spared her from going far down the lake. From then on, it took only few minutes for the woman to get water, making her husband suspicious, He followed her one night and witnessed the miracle making him repentant. It was from this anubing tree that the Holy Cross was made.

Until now, there is a strong brotherhood between the Bauanos and Alitagtaguenos. This is being renewed and dramatized by the traditional “Salubong” held every 2nd day of May which the two Holy Cross both mounted in a gaily decorated vehicle meet at the highway boundary of the two towns with very long motorcade of devotees. The Patrons will be brought to the Binukalan Church where in the altar they will stand abreast. Novena and mass are said together by the people of two towns and other devotees from afar places. This religious event proves one thing: that oneness still remain dominant among the people of Alitagtag and Bauan. The Binukalan Church soon to be a shrine overlook a portion of farmlands and one can even have a glimpse of the scenic view of Taal Volcano on this spot.


  • Holy Cross Parish Church
  • Binukalan Church and Shrine, Poblacion West

Major Religious Denominations:
Roman Catholic – 97.15%
Protestant – .39%
Iglesia ni Cristo – .60%
Aglipay – .01%
Islam – .07%
Others – 1.78%

Last Updated: October 8, 2013

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