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LOBO: Bliss in the Wake of Peaks

“Experiencing Lobo, for one day is not enough to explore its beauty. But I guess, once you’re there, even for one day, for sure you’ll feel that you are blessed and fortunate for it offers not only its beauty but it also open the doors to explore its history,” said …

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Support Krissandra Marie Abe of Lobo, Batangas for Miss Earth Philippines 2016

Please support Ms. Krissandra Marie Abel, our candidate for Ms. Philippines Earth 2016 representing Lobo, Batangas. Support by liking her Photo: 1. Like Miss Philippines Earth Official Page *you must like the page to validate your vote 2. Go to 3. Look for “Lobo, Batangas –Krissandra Marie Abel” and click “Like”, wait for …

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Anihan Festival 2015 Schedule of Activities

Schedule of Activities September 24 (Thursday) 7:00AM Alay Lakad Ulat sa Bayan 5:00PM Novena Mass 7:00PM Ms Lobo Foundation 2015 Talent Night September 25 (Friday) 5:00PM Novena Mass 7:00PM Cultural Presentation 8:00PM Ms Lobo Foundation 2015 Technical Rehearsal September 26 (Saturday) 10:00AM Novena Mass Kasalang Bayan 5:00PM Ms Lobo Foundation …

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Miss Lobo Foundation 2015 Schedule of Activities

Miss Lobo Foundation Schedules of Activities: September 24: Pre-pageant | Talent Competition September 26: Pageant Night Official Candidates Names: Anika Vei S. Catada | Masaguitsit, Lobo Karen C. Ramirez | Sawang, Lobo Chastine D. Lontoc | Pinaghawanan, Lobo Lovely Mae R. Magnaye | Jaybanga, Lobo Ma. Atria T. Katigbak | Balatbat, Lobo Jeanne Pearl P. Magnaye …

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Lobo, Batangas Products

Visit the Lobo, Batangas page for all information on Lobo.   Food lovers will delight in the native delicacies and the food products of Lobo. Here is a short list of things you should try:   Atis (sugar apple) – The town’s main export product. Tamarind Wine – Wine made …

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