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Taysan, Batangas History

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Taysan used to be a mere barrio called Barrio Mercedes of the Municipality of Rosario.

In 1919, the late Don Teodoro M. Kalaw, erstwhile Secretary of the Interior and Don Benito Reyes, erstwhile Representative of the Third Congressional District of the Province of Batangas to the House of Representatives, Congress of the Philippines were instrumental in the passage of law creating Taysan as a separate and distinct Municipality of Batangas Province.

During the same year, the first municipal president was appointed in the person of the late Manuel H. Viril, son of a prominent revolutionary leader Esteban Viril. He served as the prime mover, inspirational leader and the man behind all efforts for the creation of Taysan as a municipality. He was known to be founder of the municipality.

How and where the name “Taysan” came about still remain a history. A legend handed down from generation to generation told that the name Taysan originated from the word Atisan which means a place where Atis (a kind of fruit tree known as Sugar Apple, scientifically known as Anona Squamosa) abound. Other legendary version stated that it originated from the word Tiis which means “to bear with fortitude”. It was told that the early inhabitants of the place encountered and experienced much hardships and difficulties not only in coming to but also during their stay in the place.

Because of the repeated mispronounciation of the word Atisan or Tiisan, the name Taysan was coined and was since then recognized as the official name of the municipality.

Last Updated: October 22, 2013

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