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Fabiola Fashion and Style: A Two-Decade Tradition of Simple Elegance

All businesses aim to thrive and be known for the best they can offer to their market. In the industry where efficient creativity should translate to profit-centered brand, one fashion shop still holds on to its 23-year-old mission — to “provide excellent customer experience to its clientele”.

A Family Endeavor

The business was started by Martha Katigbak-Mayo in 1989. Fabiola is among the pioneers of fashion design shops in Lipa City. The shop was intended for one of the Katigbak sisters, Mae Josephine. But since Martha left the country and Mae settled to another city, two of their sisters, Edel and Papu, took over in 1997.

Fabiola is not a member of the family, if you wonder from whom the shop was named after. Their fashion shop got its name from a daughter of a rich Roman businessman who lived in the early 4th century AD. Fabiola used to be a pagan but was converted to Christianity because of the influence of St. Sebastian, Lipa City’s patron saint.

Because Fabiola is from a noble family, she was known to wear beautiful gowns which were reflected in the plays done in the early years of the parish where girls then always want to play her role so as to be able to wear lovely gowns.

Fabiola - couturier in Lipa City | BatangasThe Clientele

“We do not try to create an impression that we are exclusive,” Papu shared. Fabiola is not exclusive to a particular market as they cater to everyone, from class A to D, who would want to wear their creation.

“We usually try to reflect the personality [of the client],” said Papu. The gowns and dresses they make depend on the budget of the clients and how they want the creation to look like in the end.

Throughout the years, their clientele have grown as expected. Fabiola has served clients even outside of Lipa City. After more than two decades in the industry, Fabiola has gained loyal customers. They even have this particular client whose dresses for all her significant occasions – from her baptism to her wedding – were made by Fabiola.

Fabiola wedding gown designer - Lipa City | BatangasThis growth they owe from the clients themselves. Through word of mouth, their quality work and impressive service had spread to other people who eventually became their clients.

“We just noticed that even if we are home-based, people come… Why? Because when your price is reasonable and you make your service satisfactory, people will look for you,” Edel shared.

Tradition of Simplicity and Elegance

There are times they suggest on what design could fit one’s wardrobe but most of the time, it’s the client’s choice. The materials they use are mostly coming from Manila.

Others may have the impression that being in the industry for 23 years, their designs might be outdated.

“You have to be updated,” Papu furthered. They incorporate new designs but they still keep the impression which their works are most known for — simple and elegant.

Fabiola house of fashion and style | Lipa City, Batangas

For inquiries, visit Fabiola Fashion and Style in 105 Esteban Mayo St., Lipa City or call (043) 756-2268.

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  1. heidi c.ricafort

    i had my wedding gown done by Fabiola almost 20 years ago….a very elegant gown…it really fits me well at that time….

  2. Hello Everyone,
    Ang Fabiola Po ba eh malapit lng dun s BPI bank? Pwede po bang magpatahi senyo ng gown? Gaano po ba katagal ang pananahi? Kng halimbawa pong sa Feb 12 n ung kasal pwede p ba akong mag patahi ng gown ko ng bandang Jan 1st week? Aabot pba un? Magkano nmn po kaya ang aabutin?

    Thanks and Regards

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