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Cafe de Lipa: It’s More Than Just a Cup of Coffee

Although the “coffe capital of the Philippines” title was once snatched from Lipa City, it never cease to produce premium quality of coffee beans as the city strive to get hold of that pride again.

One of the earliest clans in Lipa City, the Macasaet clan, were the first ones to cultivate coffee which was brought in from Spain. They were also the ones responsible for the magical brew we call kapeng barako.

Descendants of the clan continued the cultivation of Batangas coffee from one generation to the next. Jose H. Mercado, a scion of the Macasaet clan kept the passion for coffee production thus giving birth to Cafe de Lipa.

Cafe de Lipa is indeed a pride of Batangas. This coffee company has produced great blends of coffee; has came up with such interesting product line; has made its name not just a familiar one but a name that has left a tasteful mark in the minds and taste buds of coffee lovers from various places.

From the most popular coffee drinks, Cafe de Lipa has introduced their own line of coffee blends, the interesting and catchy Mood Coffee. Wanna know more about Mood Coffee? Click this coffee link.

Pastries and dishes to match your chosen Cafe de Lipa beverage are also available in their stores. Of course, Cafe de Lipa won’t let your cafe experience only a mere coffee drinking endeavor. It’s truly more than that. It’s something you would enjoy in your every visit and would want to eventually be a weekly habit.

There had been quite a number of coffee shops which attempted to bring back the glory to Lipa City. Cafe de Lipa may be doing so, and more.

Have a cup of Barako Joe. Share stories with friends as you enjoy either Perfezza or Celleto. Complement your mood with the Mood Coffee. All these and more only at Cafe de Lipa! Want to know more? Visit

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    Anyway, Cafe de Lipa’s Products and Beverages are awesome. World class…

  2. http://http//

    is not working T_T

    Anyway, Cafe de Lipa’s Products and Beverages are awesome. World class…

  3. i love the concept….awesomenes…..!!!lol

  4. i love the concept….awesomenes…..!!!lol

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