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CEO Conducts Drainage Cleaning to Prevent Flooding in Batangas City

The City Engineer’s Office (CEO) is conducting regular cleaning of drainage lines and waterways to prevent heavy flooding in Batangas City particularly in the poblacion and nearby areas.

City Engineer Adela Hernandez already coordinated with the engineers of Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) to clean the drainage they have constructed for easier water flow.

The areas suffering from flood during heavy rains are P. Burgos, Rizal Avenue, and Kumintang. Hernandez asked the public to avoid dumping wastes on the streets, canal, and creeks which could cause flooding in the area.

Hernandez stated that the massive flooding in Manila and its neighboring cities would not happen in Batangas City because the waterways are not closed up and the mountains surrounding the city are still crowded with trees. Growing of trees is one of the top priorities of the city government in its move to protect the environment.

As of press time, 80% of the city proper already has drainage facilities. The plan to put up drainage in President Corazon Aquino Avenue is expected to prevent the flooding along Batangas State University.

Hernandez also remarked that there is a plan to construct three outfalls in Calicanto where the rainwater would flow to the drainage line of PPA and then to the sea.

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