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BCAHC to boot out illegal meat vendors

Batangas City Animal Health Council (BCAHC) is now keeping an eye on those illegal meat vendors or those who operate meat vending business without permit. This is to assure that the meats being sold have undergone appropriate meat inspection and are safe for human consumption.

Months ago, BCAHC has added some stalls inside the wet market. This is to limit if not to eliminate the number of those folks who do meat vending on streets. The council continues to monitor and inspect all the meat stalls for business permits in the city up to this date.

Meanwhile, Dr. Loyola Bagui of the Office of the City Veterinary and Agricultural Services, said, “ kahit may meat inspection certificate ang isang tindahan, kung itinitinda pa rin ang karne sa open spaces, prone ito sa contamination .” This is the reason why the council really sees to it that business owners hold all the necessary permit needed to operate specifically the sanitation permit.

All those who will be proven to have no business permits and regulatory fees will be charged in accordance to Batangas City Tax Code of 2001. On the other hand, all meat haulers, vendors, traders and raisers who will be proven to be trading unsafe meat products or live stocks will fine P1000 for first offense, P2000 and P3000 for second and third offense respectively or the person will be jailed for not more than a month or not more than six months depending on the court’s decision.

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