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Batangas City, Batangas Town Profile – Geography, Topography, Climate, Adjacent Places, Distance from Major Points, Terrain, Water Sources and Population Rate

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• A coastal city lying in a covelike shape at the southeastern portion odf the Province.
Total Land Area: approx.. 27, 633.26 hectares
Coordinates: 13 degrees, 45 minutes and 25.96 seconds north latitude and 121 degrees, 3 minutes and 29.2 seconds east longitude

Northwest – San Pascual, Batangas
North – San Jose, Batangas
East – Ibaan, Taysan and Lobo, Batangas
South – Batangas Bay

Manila: 112 kilometers

• Long rolling Terrain that ranges from 0% to 30% slope.
• Its highest point is Mount Banoy
• The city’s coastal barangays starting from Sta. Rita Aplaya from the north down to Ambulong on the south are nearly level at 0% to 3%.

Coolest Months– December to January
Max. Temperature – 29.30ºC in April
Steady Fall of Temperature – 26ºC
Driest Months – January to April
Average Monthly Rainfall – less than 50 mm per month

Batangas City is traversed by several streams and converging at the Calumpang River which in turn flows into the Batangas Bay.

Calumpang River is a perennial body of water with a catchment area of approximately 472.00 square kilometers. The river forms the southeastern boundary of the Poblacion and it flows into the Batangas Bay at a point approximately two kilometers south of Batangas Port.

There are several springs in Batangas City that have sufficient volume of discharge to suffice the needs of nearby residents for their water supply requirements. These can be found in Barangays Talumpok Kanluran & Silangan, Cumba, Sto. Domingo, Talahib Pandayan, Talahib Payapa, Ilijan, Malibayo, Bilogo, Haligue Kanluran, Haligue Silangan, Sto. Niño and Maruclap.

Total Population Rate: 305,607
Density: 1,100/km2 (2,800/sq mi)
Biggest Population: Brgy. Sta. Rita Karsada – 14,897
Smallest Population: Brgy. 16 – 102
Male-Female Ratio: 0.99:1.00 (female slightly higher)
• Out of 105 barangays, 53 have higher male population, 50 barangays have higher female population are 2 barangays (Malitam & Mahacot) have equal male-female population.

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