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Go Trekking and Camping at Taal Volcano, Batangas

philippinestaalvolcanoPhoto by: Ricky Sy

Taal volcano is no way to be found or to be seen in the town of Taal, Batangas. Talisay, Balete, Mataasnakahoy, Cuenca, San Nicholas are only among the towns that surround this considered to be the smallest active volcano in the world. It is about 50km from the capital, Manila. Taal (volcano) is famous for having an island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island in the Pacific Ocean.
innerlake of the taal volcano in batangas philippines

For those people who want to experience the breath-taking beauty of Taal, there are resorts just nearby the lake situated at the shores of Talisay and Balete that offer boat rides to volcano. Complete day tour accomodations and amenities are also available on-site.

The boat ride is approximately 30 minutes away from the shore. There are some people there who collect fee from trekkers and campers. These are people who protect, preserve and maintain the cleanliness in the area and through these payments come their allowances. It is actually a 40 minutes walk from the foot to the highest part of the volcano. Campers may also opt to ride a horse as most tourist do for P500/person two way. Hiking is of course better (though tiring) because one can take good shots of the volcano’s wonderful landscape and have a good workout at the same time.

By reaching the crater, a serene dark blue lake, freshest air, red rocks and all the greens will welcome you.


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  1. u can see the beauty of nature if u happen to reach this amazing creation by HIm..i was there 10 yrs. ago and it was so lovely..we walked all the way to the crater and even touched the bluish water with my own bare hands..i cant resist coming back in this magnificent,incredible and fantastic sight…

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