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SC’s Justice on Wheels Solves 156 cases

justice on wheels now in Batangas City One hundred fifty six cases had been given resolution since “Justice on Wheels and the Increasing Access to Justice by the Poor Program” of the Supreme Court was launched in Batangas City, Sept. 5.

Two SC’s justice on wheels busses served as court and mediation rooms where trials for these 156 cases took place. The speedy prosecution and disposition of cases indeed led to the decloging of numerous cases roting in courts here in Batangas.

Meanwhile, the “Justice on Wheels” program, was launched in Manila on December 20, 2004. It is a project of the SC conceptualized by Chief Justice Puno that aims to provide marginalized individuals, specially those already behind bars an improved access to justice. Serving as major partner of the program is the World Bank (WB) in the Philippines through its Judicial Reform Support Project (JRSP), a part of the Action Program for Judicial Reform (APJR) leading to the speedy implementation of judicial reforms in the country.

To date, this mobile court has already tallied thousands of resolved cases, medical and dental assistance, free legal aid and justice-system educational lectures, since its first bus rolled off to visit key cities and towns across the country.

This Justice on Wheels program of SC, patterned after a concept of judicial authorities in Guatemala, enables citizens to solve cases, in a simple and affordable way, less complex disputes closer to home.

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