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Mabini and Batangas City Day – July 23

July 23, 2009, Thursday is another special non working holiday for Batanguenos. It is the 40th founding anniversarry of Batangas City and at the same time, the declared special day for our Batangueno hero, Apolinario Mabini.

For more details please read the Proclamation No. 665 here
and Committee report on HBN 4575 Apolinario Mabini Day here.

Meanwhile here is the biography of the Sublime Paralytic, Apolinario Mabini.

mabini apolinario

Born in Talaga, Tanauan, Batangas on July 23,1864 of poor parents, and later hampered for life by paralysis, Apolinario Mabini nevertheless grew up to be a good writer, lawyer and patriot. He is known as the Sublime Paralytic and the Brain of the Revolution. He was the second of the eight children of Inocencio Mabini and Dionisia Maranan.

Inspite of poverty, Mabini obtained a teaching certificate in March 1887 and finished law in 1894. He was admited to the bar in 1895.

His misfortune came in 1896, when he contracted fever, which permanently paralyzed him. Still he did notarial work in his invalid’s chair and supported the reform movement so that he was imprisoned until June 1897.

When the Filipino-American war broke out, Mabini inspired his countrymen to fight and die for freedom’s sake. He penned his famous True Decalogue.

Mabini served as General Emilio Aguinaldo’s adviser. He advised Aguinaldo to change the dictatorial form of government to revolutionary. He organized the municipalities, and provinces, and the judiciary and the police forces, and formulated army regulations. When the revolutionary congress convened at Barasoain, Malolos, Bulacan, he was Aguinaldo’s Prime Minister.

He helped outline the Malolos constitution. Hence, he was aptly called the “Brains of the Revolution.” He continued writing articles advocating for reforms while in hiding, but was captured by the Americans on September 10, 1899. After his release on Setember 23,1900 he lived in Nagtahan, Manila where he wrote for local newspapers. On January 5, 1901 he was exiled to Guam because of his articles, notably “El Semil de Alejandro” in “El Liberal.”

Believing that he had no other choice and that he could better serve his countrymen by returning to the Philippines, Mabini took his oath of allegiance to the United States on February 26,1903. He died in Nagtahan, Manila on May 13,1903 at the age of 39.

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  1. Good Evening, may I ask what are the usual things that batangueños do whenever its Mabini Day. For research purposes only. Thank you

    • Hi Shan! Nagkakaroon ng mga selebrasyon sa iba’t ibang bayan sa Batangas tulad ng Batangas City at Tanauan City. Dito ay binibigyan pugay si Apolinario Mabini at ang kanyang kontribusyon para sa kalayaan ng ating bayan.

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