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Realize Your Dreams

“Tutoy, bakit ka nagpapakabasa dito sa ulanan?”

“Namamalimos po kasi ako.”

“Bakit ka namamalimos? Nasaan ba ang mga magulang mo?”

“ Pandagdag lang po sana sa pangbaon ko sa school, nagaaral pa po kasi ako, iyong mga magulang ko naman po, nangangalakal, pero paminsan hindi nila ako nabibigyan ng pang baon, kasi kulang daw po ang pera namin.”

The answer of an innocent child to our question “what do you want to be when you grow up?”, in all its purity is the most honest and truthful thing in the world.

“Paglaki ko po gusto ko maging pulis.”


“Hindi ko po alam, basta ang alam ko ay iyon ang gusto ko maging.

His reason behind his answer is very simple, he doesn’t even know why, all he knew is that he wanted to be a policeman. That is what he wanted. As simple as that. We adults tend to complicate things, we worry about what other people think, we think of its monetary compensation, and so on and so forth, that we forget we once have a “dream” and it may be our ultimate goal in life. We are lost in the chaos of life that we forget how to live. Let us try to be like a child once again, carefree, trusting and full of dreams.

By Brendalyn C. Casabar

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