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Bolbok-Batangas Port access road to be named Corazon C. Aquino Ave.

corazon c aquino road

The Rizal avenue access road going to Batangas port – Bolbok is soon to be named Corazon Aquino Avenue. This is the local government’s way of expressing gratitude to the late former president for her magnificent contribution on giving back the democracy to the Filipino nation.

According to Councilor Marvey Marino, ordinance author, the said access road remains unnamed for years now. And because this avenue was funded by the local government, they have the right to give this access road a name.

Marino explained that he had conducted several researches on the possibility of naming the access road after President Cory. He consulted Batangas Historical Commission and Philippine Historical Commision and he did not see any hindrances on naming the road after the late former President.

Should this ordinance be approved, the aforesaid access road will be the very first road to be named after President Corazon C. Aquino.

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