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Tidying Taal

We at WOWBatangas loves Taal Lake and everything in it. I mean, how would you not love Taal Lake? One of Batangueño’s pride, the Taal Volcano can be seen here. That island within a lake that has an island in it, which has its own lake, which has its own small island in it. It is also the home of our favorite fish “Bombon Sardines o Tawilis” which is also endemic and the only freshwater sardines in the world. Sadly, it’s declared to be endangered by International Union for Conservation of Nature o IUCN recently. This also gives food and livelihood to lots of Batangueños who are living in the municipalities and cities surrounding the lake.

That’s why we decided to act and join PUSOD TLCC’s clean-up drive called “Tidying Taal” to better understand how we can help in protecting and conservation of the Taal Lake. Tidying Taal is not your typical clean-up drive. They’re not just collecting garbages but also aim to educate the participants that’s why they are inviting the local community, students and teachers around the area.

The volunteers are divided into 3 groups to clean the area near the road, the PUSOD TLCC’s surroundings and Taal Lakeshore area. We collected 1,359 (20.25kg of single-use plastics which mostly were toiletry sachets, retailed snack packs and condiment packs), 62 Recyclable Bottles (4.5kg of plastics and glass bottles which can be sold for recycling and augment to PUSOD’s haling costs, 118 Cigarette Butts, 135 Cigarette Packs (Cigarette butts are plastic wastes that contain toxins and will take 10-15 years to fully decompose, 4.4 kg of styrofoam, 2.25 kg cans, 11.25 kg thrown garments and 2.5kg rubber.

The collected garbage are categorized according to different classification or brands to recycle those that can be recycled or call out the brands that produce them.

“Our waste disposal is getting out of hand. Telling people to boycott single-use plastic is not the sole solution. We can also call out manufacturers to offer alternative packaging or set up refilling stations.

We educate them on how to be responsible when it comes to waste management and hopefully learn from the cleanup activity.”
– Jord Earving

The Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Center is an environmental non-government organization in Batangas. It is a training and resource center intended to support the implementation of the Taal Volcano Protected Areas Management Plan.

Pusod TLCC is located at Sitio Lipute, Barangay Kinalaglagan, Mataasnakahoy, Batangas. They regularly organize clean-up drives so better check their facebook or visit WOWBatangas official facebook page for more updates.

Photos by Joel Mataro, Rheny Manalo, Jeremy Mendoza
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