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Lipa City’s Hidden Gem: Sitio Tagbakin, Halang, Lipa City

Lipa City has been one of the progressive cities here in Batangas and well-known for Loming Batangas and Kapeng Barako.

It is also considered to be the Little Rome of the Philippines since a lot of Catholic Churches and Shrines can be found here. Lipeños and Batangueño are well-known for being religious.

But did you know the story of early beginnings of Lipa?

“The written history of Lipa began with the arrival of the two Royal Datus Dumangsil and Balcasusa who settled in the scenic shores of Bonbon Lake (now Taal Lake) sometime between the 10th and 12th Century AD. from their dispersed descendants originated the early Lipeños.

Situated along the shores of Bonbon Lake, Lipa was then known as Tagbakin or Tigbakin”
excerpt from The History of Lipa and it’s Glorious Coffee Era by Renz Katigbak | Lipa Lifestyle Magazine

Today, Sitio Tagbakin, Brgy Halang, Lipa City can be called Lipa City’s hidden gem for its untouched beauty. Locals usually visit the place to catch fish, see the beauty of some parts of Taal Volcano, Taal Lake, Mt. Maculot at Cuenca, Batangas and of course the golden sunset.

Photos by Jose Alva Alvarez and Macko Andal

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