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KasyenSAYAhan sa CaLaBaRZon 2023 Fields Largest RSTIW through Partnership with LBSCFI

The recently concluded KasyenSAYAhan sa CaLaBaRZon was a testament to DOST- CaLaBarZon’s dynamism in furthering scientific and technological progresses in the region.

The 5-day festivity that started September 18 featured programs for back-to-back events: DOST’s Regional Science and Technology Innovation Week (RSTIW), and the 15th Los Banos SyenSaya Festival by Los Banos Science Community Foundation Incorporated (LBSCFI).

DOST CaLaBaRZon Director Emily Bagsit, remarked that this year’s RSTIW is larger than ever due to its partnership with LBSCFI—a local organization that hopes to transform Los Banos into a model community using science-based technologies.

It was a fruitful string of events that highlighted 70 exhibitors from the academe and private sectors.

The event also promoted Halal Tourism through a ceremonial MOA signing with the Department of Tourism; A ceremonial signing and turnover of Mini Science Centrum to Quezon, Quezon, the launching of the DARIUS Portal- an online portal for accessing the services of the country’s Science and Technology Experts, and a ribbon cutting ceremony for the launching of the RSTIW, TIKME , and SyenSaya Wonder Exhibits and Tour are just some of the many highlights of this momentous occasion.

In a video message, DOST Secretary Renato U. Solidum Jr. tells, “As we stand at the crossroads of history, let us choose the path of progress guided by the light of knowledge and innovation. One with DOST, let us continue forging a brighter and more prosperous future for all.”

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