The Gifts of Christmas

Unwrapping the gifts under the Christmas tree means the world to children in this particular time of the year. As for adults, our Christmas wishes may also mature, waving off a few material things to give way to non-material wishes to come true.

Christmas is the time of the year when people get extra generous and more kind-hearted than any other days in the calendar. But Christmas is not always about the gifts we can buy from shopping malls and bazaars. This holiday, let’s share these gifts that would last not just for the Christmas season but for the year round as well.


When Gladys, one of my super friends, died in April this year, I was struck by how short life is. Her passing was something we did not expect coming too soon (she was only 26). This will be our first Christmas without her. I miss the friendship we shared and how we tried our best to find time to go out despite our workloads.

How many days a week do you spend with your family? Do you even have time for yourself? It’s ironic that time, even if its not worth any centavo, is sometimes the hardest thing to give and the most precious for so many people.


When we do something good, we feel good about ourselves and the world around us. In the recent calamities that hit the nation, the monsoon flooding in August and typhoon Pablo a few weeks ago, our spirits were dampen with the huge number of casualties and severe damage.

In times of horrific loss, there are good-hearted people who extend help to ease the burden caused by these untoward events. There are still relief operations until now for typhoon Pablo victims. It’s sad to think how they will spend Christmas. Let’s offer prayers for them that soon, they would be able to bounce back from this painful tragedy and find that life, after all, is God’s most precious gift.


When you think you are in a hopeless disposition, know that there is still one thing you can do. Believe. Give your complete trust in God and everything will fall into the right places at the right time.

There are days when we feel that giving up is the easiest way out. But if you have faith in that something or someone, hold on to no matter how little faith you have and nurture it. Whatever happens afterwards, that’s God’s answer.


Have you realized the value of a hard-earned trust? Trust, like a glass when broken may hurt. Sometimes, it’s easy to give away, sometimes it’s not. To be able to be trusted, be deserving. To learn how to trust fully, open your heart.


It’s all we need. Love from your family, your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your colleagues, even from your pet. Love makes the world a happier place. Love truly, unconditionally, faithfully.

Live to love and love to live. ♥

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Have a blessed holidays and give these gifts of Christmas as often as you can.

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