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Spiritual Food (for the 3rd Sunday of Advent 2009)

“What must we do?” The question was asked three times in this Sunday’s Gospel (December 13, 2009). It is a question of someone who wants to be converted. Genuine conversion never consists in just entertaining profound feelings or noble thoughts; it must translate into concrete course of action. It is not about simply feeling; it is about doing. And it means doing it NOW. Not tomorrow but now. Remember: life is very short to be wasted in a life of sin and meaninglessness. Life itself challenges us to give it a genuine meaning that can only be found in Jesus. What are you now thinking to do for Him?

Make no mistake about it. It is not what we do that makes us true Christians, but it is HOW we do it. Christ does not demand that we abandon our job or profession and give up life in the world in order to enter the monastery. No. What he requires is for us to practice our profession in accordance with the Gospel values. So let me ask you: in your profession or day to day endeavor do you perform your task at the service of others? Is your activity done in the spirit of charity and justice? Can you work with thoughtfulness to others and forgetfulness of self?

In the Gospel St. John the Baptist is very precise in his imperatives: “Let the man with tow coats give to him who has none. The man who has food should do the same.” (Lk 3:11). Then to the tax collectors he said: “Exact nothing over and above your fixed amount.” (Lk 3:13). And to the soldiers he said: “Don’t bully anyone. Denounce no one falsely. Be content with your pay.”(Lk 3:14).

We will be judged by God according to the things we do and the way we do them. It won’t matter if you are the boss or just an ordinary worker. Your position won’t make a difference. What truly counts is your motivation and the way you execute it. And when all is said and done, God will decide your new status.

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