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Road Safety Program for Children

A very undesirable reality that comes with development is an increase in traffic accidents related to increased motorization and infrastructure. Every year, worldwide, at least 1 million people get killed on roads, and 70% of these are from those countries that the World Bank classifies as low- or middle-income (Lamm et al. 1999).

This situation is worse in developing countries, like the Philippines, and may result from priorities being geared toward efforts for infrastructure development, improving mobility, and addressing the need for better public transportation systems. Conscious efforts to ensure road safety then take a backseat.

With all these, Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc., Transportation Development and Regulatory Office (TDRO), Public Information Office (PIO) and other national government agencies like Land Transportation Office(LTO) and Department of Education (Dep Ed) conducted a seminar on road safety as part of the Road Safety Program for Children held at Days Hotel, Batangas City, August 6.

The road safety seminar was attended by selected elementary and secondary teachers of Batangas. The seminar is aimed at creating awareness among children on Road Signs and Signals, Commuter/Passenger Safety, Bike and Motorcycle Safety, General Road Conduct, Basic First Aid, Basic Concepts in Defensive Driving, Batangas City Traffic Rules and Regulations at Vehicle Permits and Licensing.

The selected teachers on ther hand, will serve as road safety mentors who will be help strengthen campaigns on road safety awareness.

In the end, it will take concerted efforts from all sectors of society to make the necessary improvements toward improving road safety in the Philippines. As individuals, we can certainly do our share by helping these road safety mentors and by supporting the Road Safety Program for Children.

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