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Lambanog: The Poor Man’s Drink, Local Coconut Farmer’s Gift to the Alcohol Industry

Tagged as the ‘poor man’s drink’, lambanog (coconut wine or coconut vodka) is an alcoholic beverage distilled from the sap of unopened coconut flower. Lambanog is famous in Quezon province and in San Juan, Batangas where coconut trees grow in abundance.

How to make lambanog?

coconut sapEvery afternoon, the mangangarit (the one who climb the trees to get the sap) would attach bamboo receptacles to the coconut flowers on which the sap would drip. The following morning, the mangangarit would climb the tree again to collect the bamboo receptacles with the coconut sap.

The collected sap would undergo fermentation process to produce tuba or coconut toddy. When tuba undergoes distillation, lambanog will be produced. Lambanog has alcohol content of 80-90 proof.

flavored lambanogFor marketing appeal, lambanog distillers came up with different flavors such as pineapple, cherry, mango, and even bubblegum. Lambanog has reached the foreign market making it beneficial for local distillers and to the local coconut farming industry.

Want a shot?

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