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How to Spend Christmas from Day to Night

Simbang gabi has already started! People have been already been putting up socks on their porch for Santa to come. Kids are already scattered in the streets singing their carols loud and out.

Surely, Filipinos have been looking forward for Christmas to come.

There are so many ways to celebrate the joyous holiday. Go on a roadtrip, out-of-town or even out of the country. There are countless ways to enjoy the entire day without missing a single minute. But if ever you are running out of ideas on what to do or just have no idea at all, we’re providing a bucket list of things you, your family and friends can do altogether.

Family Gathering Options

Pick out the perfect outfit to go with the jolly holiday.
Set up the camera and record the moments of Christmas.
Go to church and attend the Holy Mass.
Prepare the food to serve to your visitors and relatives. (Frozen desserts are best made the night before)


Serve your homemade masterpiece or enjoy lunch in your favorite fast food chain or restaurant.
Go for a last minute gift shopping or errand you forgot to do.
Catch up with your folks and your balikbayan relatives.
Exchange gifts with your cousins and other relatives.
Don’t forget to give your inaanak a pamasko including great advices.


Teach your kids how to keep their pamasko safe and how to spend it well.
Enjoy a good game of scrabble or monopoly.
Round up the family to share stories and recall memories.
Never too late to ask your kumpare for a drinking session.
Tuck in the kids and read them Christmas stories to sleep.

Friendly Get Together Options


Get the cameras ready for recording memories
Go to church and attend the Holy Mass.
Have breakfast with your bestie at your favorite coffee shop while catching up.
Greet your folks a “Merry Christmas” and send gifts to your inaanak.
Bake some delicious pastries to serve for your friends.


Enjoy a movie marathon at the mall or at home.
Go window shopping or try out clothes you’d like to wear for the New Year.
Pamper yourselves: get a haircut, manicure and pedicure.
Play a good game of table tennis or any sport for that matter. (Also try out the Xbox 360.)
Brainstorm endless possibilities and plans for 2014.


Go on a caroling with the whole barkada and enjoy the midnight stroll around the city.
Have a good beer pong or private drinking celebration with them.
Go to the nearest club and party the night away.
Spark up the night with a bottle of champagne or wine.
Call your relatives abroad and wish them a happy holiday!

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