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Balayan Road Trip: Discovering the Union of Old and New

Balayan was the first municipality in Southern Luzon before it became a province for 151 years (1581-1732). It became the cradle of Christianity and the center of civilization in the Southern Tagalog region during the earlier centuries. With that, the town plays a significant part in the history of Batangas.

And today, the town aims to be a modern agro-industrial community where every development is within people’s reach. Despite the embracing modernization, the town folks continue to value the culture and tradition passed on from generation to generation.

One perfect example is the “Parada ng Lechon”. It has been an old tradition of the people living in the Kanluran District to parade a lechon each time they receive an important blessing as a form of thanksgiving. This tradition still lives on to the present times, making Balayan a must-visit destination every 24th of June for the celebration of “Parada ng Lechon” alongside the Feast of St. John the Baptist.

WOWBatangas Team
Our “ID picture” moment. Hahaha. We went to Balayan two weeks ago for the data gathering and pictorial for their website. Mayor Emmanuel Salvador O. Fronda and the people from the IT Division, headed by Mr. Jeffrey Ramirez, gladly welcomed us.

Ancestral house
We can’t help but notice the ancestral houses around town. They are lovely representations of old Balayan in the present time.

Sa tubuhan
Huge companies, local and foreign, occupy massive space of lands in Balayan. They contribute to the town’s economic growth and provide employment to its people. But the farmers remain heroes under the sun. Saludo kami sa kanilang sipag at tiyaga.

Balayan Baywalk was opened in 2009. It will remind you of that one in Roxas Boulevard. Although this is the mini-version of what’s in Manila, this will provide you a relaxing view of the vast Balayan Bay, enough to lull you to sleep. Yes, that calming.

The Immaculate Conception Parish Church was declared a National Culture Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines.

Sinong hindi mapapa-extra rice kung sinaing na tulingan na may kapares na kamatis, paho, at bagoong Balayan ang iyong pananghalian?

While we were going around Balayan, we can’t stop asking the guys from Balayan’s IT Division (who were our tour guides) what mountain is that on the left of our view and after a while what’s that on the right. The one in the photo is Bundok Dalig. Akala namin nasa dulo na kami ng daigdig nung pinicturan ‘to.

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