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5.2 Magnitude Earthquake Shook Batangas City

A report from Philippine Daily Inquirer states that around 7:50 am this morning, Batangas City was shook by a 5.2 magnitude earthquake.

“The earthquake’s epicenter was located 52 kilometers south and 90 kms west of Batangas City,” Mr. Solidum said. “The origin of the earthquake was 121 kms below sea level,” the director of Phivolcs added.

Meanwhile, Intensity 4 earthquake was felt in Look town, Lubang Island in Mindoro, intensity 3 in Batangas City and Iba Zambales and intensity 2 in Manila, Muntinlupa, Makati, and Calamba, Laguna, Solidum said.

Magnitude measures the amount of energy released at the source of an earthquake and is measured from a seismogram; intensity on the other hand is the strength of shaking produced by an earthquake at a certain location and is determined from effects on people, structures, and the environment.

“The cause of the earthquake was tectonic and was triggered by movement of the Eurasian plate going under the Manila Trench,” Solidum said.

“There were no reported damages to infrastructure since the earthquake was not strong enough to cause such, he added though aftershocks are also possible to occur, ” Director Solidum concluded.

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