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10 Firsts in Batangas

Since August is set to be the launch of the WOWBatangas Newsletter’s firs issue, we decided to have stories of firsts as this month’s theme.

If you have been checking around our recently published articles, you might have read about the first motorcycle museum in the Philippines (and in Southeast Asia) which is located inside Casa Corazon in Lemery.

And you might have read about the glorious years of coffee in Lipa City and how some Batangueños are trying to resurrect that once precious title of being the Coffee Capital of the Philippines.

Want to know some more firsts in Batangas? Check these 10 items below.

10. Galleria Taal – first camera museum in the Philippines (2010)

9. Vilma Santos-Recto – first female governor (2007)

8. Siete Baracos Coffee – first original Batangas brewed coffee in leading supermarkets (1977)

7. Lipa City Panciteria – first lomi house in Lipa City established by To Kim Eng (1960s)

6. Simeon M. Luz – first elected governor of Batangas (1903-1904)

5. Batangas National High School – first secondary public school in the province (1902)

4. Fortune Island, Nasugbu – where the first recorded naval battle between two European forces in Southeast Asia – Spaniards led by Fr. Antonio de Morga against Dutch soldiers led by Admiral Oliver Van Noort (1600)

3. Taal – where the first centers of faith were established

2. Balayan – first capital of the province (1597-1732)

1. Kumintang – first recorded name of Batangas

Watch out for the next list! 😉

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