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It’s 11-11-11. Then What?

A lot of people waited for this date to come. It was a century ago when these digits appeared on calendars. What’s the fuss all about this date?

November 11, 2011. I’m not looking forward to anything important today. Probably in a while, after I finished this post, I’d get my share of the 11-11-11 thing (whatever it is for others) because after all, this article will be published on this date.

Oh, let me take back what I have said in the previous paragraph. My friends and I were looking forward to something on this day: that P11 airfare promo we knew would be coming. Haha. Booked!

Number 11 in History (as related in “11/11/11: Are you one with this week’s fateful date?” on Yahoo!)

September 11 — the World Trade Center in New York was bombed
Flight 11 — the flight of the first of the two planes which attacked the twin towers
Twin Towers — they resemble the number 11

You’ve seen the digit a couple of times in this post. If you feel lucky today, claim it. If you, in any way, fear something unexplainable about this date, let it pass. I believe it all rest in our attitude towards things.

Sure thing, we can only see this date on the calendar once in our lifetime. By the turn of the century, who knows what people would feel about this date.

Just live this day as you would in any other given day. And be thankful for this chance. 😉

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