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What is your Favorite Pansit Variant?

Yesterday, we had pancit bihon as our merienda here at the WOWBatangas Home. We were indeed eating our hearts out as we chomp on the proverbial pansit like mad men.

Nasair namin, ika nga. Kasarap ga! 🙂

But Paul, one of the multimedia artists of WOWBatangas thought otherwise.

“Hindi ako nakain niyan” he said.

“Anooooo?” we asked like he’s the devil. “Hindi ko gusto ang lasa” he answered devilishly.

So it was into our conclusion that pansit is not the delight of everybody’s tastebud.

“Pero lomi nakain ka? We asked the devil.

“Oo naman” answered Satan.

“Ah, bihon lang pala ang hindi mo kinakaen” we said.

With that, this article longs to differentiate the pansits that we know like the back of our hands — noodles which are always available at the nearest lomian or panciteria.

And, for once and for all, determine which really is the best serving of pansit.


It is not usual for Chami to be served with soup, though the noodles come out of the wok with a little bit of sauce– The soup is commonly served separated from the noodles and is placed in a small bowl or a small cup ala kape.

Lomi (Batangas)

Batangas Lomi

LOMI is delicious because (click on because if you still don’t get it)

chicken mami

An almost Chinese noodle soup. Commonly served with either beef and chicken and is topped with garlic chives.

Pancit Bihon
Pancit Bihon

Bihon is very thin rice noodles fried with soy sauce some citrus, possibly with patis, and some variation of sliced meat and chopped vegetables. The exact bihon composition depends on someone’s personal recipe but usually, Chinese sausage and cabbage are the basic ingredients in a pancit bihon.—

Pancit Canton

Pansit Guisado

Pansit Canton is not your typical 10 peso, no preservatives added kuno dish. This canton is the one served on Junior’s birthday party, Ate’s graduation celebration, town fiesta, Kuya’s birthday ala for the boys… heck, every imaginable Filipino festivity.

Pancit Guisado
Pansit Guisado is….well.. made up of sauteed things. But don’t belittle it though. With enough and accurate blend of ingredients, simplicity could, indeed, do wonders.

Pancit Habhab

Pansit Habhab

Pansit Habhab originated from a neighboring province of ours, Quezon. It is a sauteed miki and is cooked with shrimp, pork and some greens. Pansit habhab is eaten without using spoon and fork which make the experience all the more exciting.

Pancit Palabok

Pansit Palabok

Pancit palabok and pancit luglug are essentially the same dish, the difference being primarily in the noodles used in the recipe. Luglug uses a thicker noodle than the traditional bihon of a pancit palabok. Both pancit dishes use a round rice noodle (often specifically labeled for pancit luglug or palabok) smothered with a thick, golden shrimp sauce or other flavored sauce.–

I would favor on chami.

For one thing, chami (commonly) has too many toppings. It’s enough for me to order rice and make the toppings as my ulam.Moreover, a sip on the caldo would easily erase the umay.

But it would never hurt if one tries a little bit of all the pansit, right?

So Paul, try the bihon. I daresay you would lose at least one eight of your life if you won’t.

Or not.

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  1. Rizza Batilo Baliwag

    Yes. kahit anong luto ng pansit masarap yan….masarap yan pag ganitong umuulan ulan…try nyo….lalo’t pansit batangas.

  2. i like all kind of pansit..especially lomi to taste!!!

  3. love it pansit at lomi!!so yummy!!!

  4. I like Lomi sa Pangao, Lomi King, Lomian sa Centro, Antipolo at yun Pancit Lang-Lang ng 3 Kids.

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