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Batangueño Food: Pinais na Tawilis

Tawilis can be cooked in different ways. You can be delighted with the crispy fried tawilis, but there are alternatives you can try if you think you’ve had enough of the fried version. Pinais for one is an example.

The cooking method for pinais na tawilis is similar to that of sinaing na tulingan or tambakol. Pinais na tawilis is cooked with the usual seasoning – salt, vinegar, black pepper, added with the flavor of dried kamias, and covered with the oil of the pork fat at the bottom of the pot.

Pinais is the Tagalog term for wrapping together. About four or five tawilis are being wrapped together by banana leaves. This pinais na tawilis recipe is from our team’s official cook, Daddy Mags.

Mga Sangkap sa Pagluluto ng Pinais na Tawilis

kalamyas/kamias na tuyo o sariwa
asin at paminta
dahon ng saging
gata ng niyog (optional)

Paraan ng Pagluluto

1. Linising mabuti ang tawilis. Alisan ng kaliskis.
2. Balutin sa dahon ng tig-lilimang piraso.
3. Isapin sa palayok ang tuyo o sariwang kamias, bawang, at luya.
4. Isalansan ang binalot na tawilis at timplahan ng asin at paminta.
5. Lagyan ng katamtamang tubig. Pabulakin ng may dalawang minuto.
6. Pahinain ang apoy at hayaang nakasalang ng may apat na oras o higit pa kung gusting palambutin ng todo ang tinik ng tawilis na parang sardinas.
7. Pwedeng lagyan ng gata kung gugustuhin.

Just like the others, locals here pair pinais na tawilis with steamed rice but to add Batangueño trademark, some fondly pour kapeng barako on their rice like it’s a regular soup.

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