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Lian, Batangas Festival

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Every year on June 24, Lian celebrates its town fiesta as with the celebration of the birthdate of Saint John The Baptist.

The Balsa Festival, popularly celebrated every year at Matabungkay Beach, is an annual festival aimed to help the community restore the identity of the town. It started on May 2002 and 11 years later, Matabungkay succeeds to become a tourist destination with the help of this festival. It is filled with different activities like Balsa Race Competition, Balsa Decor and Cultural Dance Competition, a concert and dance party by the beach, prominent media personalities and foreign executives to grace the Balsa Festival.

Indeed, Balsa Festival is one that we should look up to while visiting Lian. Like neighboring beach resorts, Lian offers the same sort of fun without travelling far.

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Last Updated: September 12, 2013

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