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Celebrate El Pasubat Festival 2011 in Taal, April 28-30!

When you walk on the streets of Taal, Batangas, you walk on its rich cultural heritage. There’s this certain vibe flourishing around town. That kind of vibe which makes you feel very much Pinoy.

On April 28-30, Taal will be celebrating its 439th Foundation Anniversary and the Taaleños want you to come celebrate with them!

Below are the activities you can take part in for the three-day celebration of El Pasubat Festival 2011. By the way, what is El Pasubat? It’s Taal’s festival which showcases their popular local products. PASUBAT stands for PAnutsa, SUman, Balisong, Barong tagalog, Tapa, Tulingan, Tawilis.

April 28, Thursday

Commercial Motorcade
Opening of Trade Fair
Visita En La Casa
Grand Festival Del Baile

April 29, Friday

Trade Fair
Visita En La Casa
Street Painting
Palaro ng Lahi
Concert in the Park

April 30, Saturday

Grand Parade
Street Dancing and Court Dancing
Trade Fair
Visita En La Casa
Culinary Arts and Crafts Competition
Thanksgiving Party and Awarding of Prizes

The Trade Fair will feature Taal’s major local products – empanada, suman, tamales, tapa and longanisa, panutsa, balisong, burda de taal, barong tagalog.

With Visita En La Casa, visitors will have the chance to experience Taal’s heritage houses in an “open house” to be led by Taal Active Alliance Legion, a non government organization which supports the preservation and conservation of Taal’s heritage houses.

Do you want a different kind or partying all night long? Join the Grand Festival Del Baile – a night of beautiful music and ballroom dancing. The event will feature Don Guillermo and his flamenco troupe to lead you to dance the night away.

The final day will commence with the Grand Parade where the Taal’s finest will ride on floats featuring local products, industries, beauty queens, and some celebrities who will join Taaleños on the last day of El Pasubat Festival 2011 celebration.

Also part of the third day activities are the Culinary and Crafts Competitions highlighting the suman-eating contest and biggest balisong in Taal.

Come celebrate with the townfolks of Taal, Batangas and witness the bests of El Pasubat Festival 2011!

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  1. I would like to congratulate the organizers of El Pasubat for highlighting the nice aspects of our native culture on Facebook. Reading about the things, activities and products endemic in our hometown makes our fellow “kababayans” in foreign lands closer to home.

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