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Blue Sapphire Welcomes WOWBatangas Campus Correspondents

Blue Sapphire sponsored the venue for the WOWBatangas Campus Correspondents Training and Workshop. The two-day event was held at the Natasha Hall last November 16 and 17.

Blue Sapphire provided a comfortable venue which allowed every participant to perform the activities for the said training. Let’s see what the Campus Correspondents have to say regarding their Blue Sapphire experience.

It’s not all about blue. It’s also about brown. Jaeca’s Café’s earthly ambience is too good for some sort of heavenly chill out. If you would love to dwell for a moment, and get your friends gathered, this café is indeed perfect for a small convention aside from the other rooms of the bigger Blue Sapphire.

The color of the place literally stimulates your appetite and your mind. The aroma of kapeng barako adds more solid wholesome feeling. The lightings, it set your mood. Have you tried chicken sandwich and café latte together? If not, get a combination of these two, or anything from their reasonable options, put your laptop on the table, and you’re set to a convenient zone. I’ve tried it for quite a number of times. Have it for yourself this time. — Jason Lachica, De La Salle Lipa

When asked about what was stunning about Blue Sapphire, I will definitely answer the food. The food struck me first because it’s the first thing I knew about Blue Sapphire. I just arrived when the food was being served, as if they were really waiting for me. My three-hour back-ache from the trip was gone just after I tasted the food.

But Blue Sapphire isn’t only about food. When we were asked to go outside, I noticed that it is also a 24hr establishment wherein you can drop in at 7am and leave the next morning. You can have your breakfast at their coffee shop, or spend the rest of the day in the spa with your family. You can also stay overnight because there are also rooms to accommodate you. And if you can’t get enough of Blue Sapphire, grab a cup of coffee before leaving. If I have the chance to come back to Lipa again, I’ll definitely bring Nasugbu to Blue Sapphire. — Riyalyn Magno, BSU – ARASOF

Tired of doing school projects? Stressed of work loads? Can’t find a venue for an important event? Worry no more. Amidst the busy city of Lipa lies a perfect sanctuary where one could relax and enjoy the happier side of life or even spend once in a lifetime moments.

Blue Sapphire is the perfect venue for fine dining, unwinding and for hosting different kinds of events including weddings, birthdays and a lot more. It is divided into several parts which caters the needs of their many customers. A Grand Pavilion capable of accommodating up to 250 guests serves its purpose of being a venue for big gatherings. Also, there are function halls intended for business meetings and private planning sessions as well hotel rooms where couples in a honeymoon could happily stay.

Circles of friends and barkadas will also surely find Blue sapphire a perfect place to hang out through its restaurant, coffee shop and club. Truly, the club gives its customers a wonderful experience that these people will surely remember. It is located at Barangay Sico, Lipa City, a place with an easy access to shopping malls and other establishments that the customers might need during their stay. — John Lerry Villalobos, Lipa City Colleges

With my partner Leah, we took a bus ride whose driver told us that we’ll be passing Lipa. Okay, Lipa, it’s where Blue Sapphire (the workshop venue) is located. I felt comfortable with my seat and I was sure Leah felt the same. Minutes passed until the driver shouted, “Lipa Bus Stop!” What? We headed too much!

That experience sucked. We had to ride a tricycle going to Blue Sapphire from the bus stop. We asked how much the trip would cost and Manong Driver said it’s worth 80 pesos. Isn’t that too much? But we’re left with no choice.

We arrived at Blue Sapphire with a little appalling experience. But as I entered the conference room, the awful trip was worth it. All of us, the participants, as well as the WOWBatangas team, were nicely accommodated by Blue Sapphire. The facilities were better than okay. And they serve mouth-watering foods! With those stuffs Blue Sapphire had offered, I forced myself to just forget that terrible travel experience. — Louie Florentine Sanchez, BSU Main Campus

I have to greatly thank the WOWBatangas team for bringing me in one of the coolest hangouts here in Lipa, the Blue Sapphire. However, no matter how cool the place is, I have shamefully never been there until, well, my late arrival today for the training of the campus correspondents.

And yes, I was a late comer and a total virgin to the place. (Ting) First vee.

The experience though was just as striking as the color of the building and just as ironic as its name. Blue Sapphire in a red building – what the (beep)! Then Jeff Litan, an anti-social person (at least during the first phases) was in front of a crowd he did not even know and yet talked about how hairless his underarms have been for the last 19 years – what the (beep beep)!

But who cares? I was just trying to give the best pambawi I could ever give for my late arrival. And that instantly made me a two-time vee, I guess: first, a virgin to the place, as I have shamefully admitted and second, a virgin to the act of easily opening my almost always anti-social personality.

And it was goooooood.

Seeing it that way, I guess there’s more to say now than things to keep as the Virgin takes over the campus beat. — Jefferson Litan, De La Salle Lipa

Known to be “the stone of destiny,” sapphire contributes to mental clarity and perception. Likewise, The Blue Sapphire in Brgy. Sico, Lipa City shows off it wellness through it insfused simplicity and elegance, where people could soothingly enjoy its atmosphere. Combined with its plain yet sophisticated surroundings, the food served were delightful and the entire staff was welcoming and pleasant. These will make your stay worth what you’ll be paying for. You may think that I’m exaggerating, but it is for you to find out. — Leah Inciong, BSU – Main Campus

From the day I first heard that I’d be representing my beloved alma mater, Lyceum of the Philippines University, I have looked forward to where the WOWBatangas’ Campus Corespondents Training would take place.

Two days before the event, I just came home from Baguio for a three-day national forum. A day after the affair, I was in Ortigas, and a week after, I was supposed to travel to Singapore to present my thesis (it was postponed for January). In short, I was hoping to again, shoot two birds with one stone; mix work with pleasure.

And with Blue Sapphire, what I found out was indeed, a gem. Upon our
arrival, Manong Guard put away the stress we got from commuting and arriving late. He greeted us with a welcoming smile. The air was also cold and fresh – oh-so-right for my tired lungs. And one thing I will never (ever!) forget, the mouth-watering steak, fresh veggies, and dessert catered to us!

One day, I’ll visit it again. 🙂 — Felisse Marrianne San Juan, LPU – Batangas

It’s been a long time, when I was in jailed in the responsibilities I have now. And here’s a new experience I must be glad of. A new phase of the life I want to take and to experience being a part of WOWBatangas.
It all happened in a place, where you wish you want to be during your bad or romantic moments.

In bad times, because it has a relaxing view in which it can change your mood into a good one. It has fresh air from their garden, where you can breathe smoothly and freely away from that pollution in the city. The daytime silence can make you realize that there are things to be thank of even if there are struggles in life. Staying here can ease your sadness and sorrow and in return will give you a comfortable feeling. There are different parts of this place which can alter your feelings especially when you’re in the so called “emo stage”.

The romantic moments can also be felt even more. With your loved one, you can enjoy the company of each other with joy and peace in your hearts. You can talk about things about your future with the music that will make you hearts dance in the air. It also has a well ventilated rooms and facilities, where you can relax and set things free in motion. A very refreshing feeling you can achieve in the place where I met new friends and experience an unexpected experience.

It’s a place we dream of, from the deep blue sea to the precious stone of sapphire; the astonishing place “BLUE SAPPHIRE” revealed the beauty. — Juvy Hernandez, Lipa City Colleges

WOW Blue Sapphire!

Well ventilated. Wifi Zone. Chopsuey.

These are the three things that I can never forget when I stepped in and lodged at the Blue Sapphire in Lipa City for a two-day seminar of WOWBATANGAS Campus Correspondents.

The pleasing and well set-up room with a conference table made a mark on me. The incomparable accommodation in this pale is truly a precious like a hard transparent bright blue stone — Sapphire. — Bernadeth Manalo, FAITH

Everytime I go to Lipa, it’s either I would go to SM or to Robinsons or to Sabang for a sleep-over at my classmate’s place. When the WOWBatangas Team invited us for their seminar/training for WOWBatangas Campus Correspondents, it was my first time to go to Blue Sapphire.

At first look, the place has nothing special, until you bring out your laptop and notice that the place offers free wi-fi connection. Not just that, the food is tempting. When we were served with lunch, I was the first one to go to the buffet table and have my lion’s share. Hindi na nga ako bumalik pa para kumuha ulit kasi nakakahiya. Pero gusto ko pa sanang mag-round two.

Blue Sapphire also has a coffee shop. Jaeca’s if I’m not mistaken. I am a coffee person but bad thing, I wasn’t able to try their cool concoctions.

During our photography seminar, we went outside our seminar room, the Natasha Hall, to take pictures of ourselves. I saw what Blue Sapphire has more to offer to its customers. They offer catering services, pavilions, a bar and restaurant, coffee shop, hotel rooms, bridal car rental, ballrooms and function halls.

Blue Sapphire is located at Brgy. Sico, Lipa City, Batangas, just in front of Fernando Air Base. — Raphael Balbaboco, FAITH

Got tedious moments? Tired of the humdrum of everyday life? Worry no more! Blue Sapphire is here to attend to your needs and make your day happy and lively.

Located in the heart of Lipa City in Batangas, Blue Sapphire offers services that are helpful to different kinds of people— be it a bunch of businessmen, students, teachers, professionals and even just ordinary people. They can use their convention hall for important meetings and gatherings, seminars and workshops. Plus, the Blue Sapphire has a KTV room that serves as a place for entertainment for weary employees after a tiring day.

The coffee shop, located in the front of the place, serves as hang-out for students who want to spend their free time outside their campuses. The place also has hotel rooms for overnight stays. The food is great, too.

Blue Sapphire is indeed a haven of serenity and undeniably a place you’ll never forget. 🙂 — Shela Porto, BSU Main Campus

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