Movie Blog: The Reunion and the Eternal Hits of Eraserheards

“Ilang awit pa ba ang aawitin, o giliw ko?”

That song stayed with me for hours after watching ‘The Reunion’ with my friends. There are good movies currently showing in cinemas but we all wanted a good laugh so went to see this barkada movie.

‘The Reunion’ tells the story of four high school best friends Lloyd, Joax, Boggs, and Pat whose lives went disarray after an ‘incident’ that caused them first to lose their girlfriends then.

Casting is good because they all fit the characters they portray. Enchong Dee as the nerdy Lloyd, Xian Lim as the arrogant Joax, Enrique Gil as the athletic playboy Boggs, and Kean Cipriano as the musically-inclined and ‘malokong’ Pat.

Joining the cast are the girls: Jessie Mendiola as the one-of-the-boys Allie who’s been in love with her best friend Lloyd since high school; Christine Reyes as Ara, Lloyd’s ex-girlfriend; Julia Montes as Boggs’ athletic girlfriend, Megan Young as Toyang, Joax’s ex-girlfriend; Bangs Garcia as Shirley, the uber ‘manang’ turned men’s magazine cover girl and Pat’s girlfriend.

The acting? Some are good while some showed the level fit for an afternoon teen-oriented show. Supporting the cast are Gina Pareno as Aling Nena; Matt Evans as Jay, the becky friend of the gang; Janus del Prado as, hmmm, abangan nyo na lang sya dito. 😀

The Reunion - Movie Review - Cast - SoundtrackThe soundtrack is the best. Oops, that’s if you’d allow me to be biased here ’cause I’m a true blue fan of the Eraserheads. The movie is inspired by the songs of the band hence, the names of some of the supporting characters – Ligaya, Toyang, Aling Nena, and Jay.

There are a lot of hilarious moments in the movie. The people inside the cinema burst into countless laughter so talagang nakakahawa. Mababaw yung kwento pero talagang nakakatawa lang.

If you love barkada movies, you’d enjoy this. But if you’re not for mainstream movies, eh di wag ka manood. Haha. This is a feel good movie na pag labas mo ng sinehan eh hindi ka manghihinayang sa binayad mo kasi naging masaya ka for about roughly two hours na nasa sinehan ka.

Maraming linyang corny pero mapapangiti ka rin naman. ‘The Reunion’ will make you go reminiscing your high school days that’s why I suggest you watch this movie with your friends. Laugh trip lang talaga.

Best scenes in the movie:
1. The Avengers scene sa airport
2. the chaotic search for Shirley
3. Joax’s moments with Miggy
4. the group’s encounter with Janus del Prado’s character

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