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Trip to San Juan, Batangas: The Home of Fine Beaches and the Lambayok Festival

This article is contributed by Ken Michael Escamillas, a senior Mass Communication student from Batangas State University – Lipa Campus.

I define San Juan, Batangas in three words: popular, luxurious and festive. Those we’re the words that people would be certain to say after they have toured this place. Not just a place but a paradise of
wondrous panoramas surrounded by this ironic term of Festive Barakos.

And if there is one thing that we Batangueños should be more proud of, that would be the beaches. The province of Batangas is known for long white-sand beaches engulfed with vast blue seas which are evidences of rich marine biodiversity. One of the most famous beaches here lies on the eastern part of the province, the municipality of San Juan. Which I assumed also to be one of the most recognized and competitive municipalities in the province for having magnificent beaches enough to provide the tourists the accommodation beyond their expectation.

For a Batangueño like me, the beaches here give more than enough experience. Usually, my family goes here during summer. That’s why summer days are one of my most awaited seasons every year. Vacation. Moments of fun. Indulgence. These are the things I found in San Juan beaches. That’s why whenever we have getaways, San Juan is our first choice. A 2 ½ hour travel would be not that time consuming for after you have arrived and witnessed the beauty of the beach, it will all be worth it.

There’s always a smile in my face whenever I see the sea waves and hear the sound it makes. It’s relaxing. I could walk forever with my barefoot for as if I am walking on a foamy surface. I see the sunrise and the sunset with a perfect picturesque that everyone can have a perfect shot in every angles. What makes the trip even happier is the company you have. Sharing blissful moments with your family in harmony with nature is an experience that’s truly rewarding.

A luxurious haven. Beach resorts in San Juan gives satisfactory accommodation and recreation to every tourist. There are resorts and hotels in San Juan which provides world-class services such as Acuatico Beach Resort, Estrellas de Mendoza Aplaya Resort, La Luz Beach Resort. Yes, please do take note of that. But still, there are accommodations which are affordable for budget-conscious beach bums.

But there’s more to San Juan other than its white sand beach. San Juan, Batangas is also known for being festive when it comes to presenting the town’s culture, creativity, and hard work. The Lambayok Festival is the reflection of the rich cultural and economic background of San Juan, Batangas.

This is just one of the many Batangueño festivals that everyone should be proud of. The term Lambayok is a contraction of the word lambanog (coconut wine), palayok (clay pot), and karagatan (Filipino term for beach) being its prime sources of livelihood and income. This festival happens on the second week of the month of December.

Different events like street dance parade, court dancing competition, agricultural tourism fair, and the search for Mutya ng San Juan are the highlights of this festival.

I had been reading some facts about Lambayok Festival but it is far better if we could witness this festival personally. The events will surely entice people even from far places to come and visit San Juan
and see for themselves the wonders found in this town. Having this festival serves as a break-through for many opportunities for the promotion of the tourism of this town.

Along with other popular municipalities and cities in the province, or even in the entire country, I know that San Juan, Batangas has a lot of potentials that can be shown and shared to the world. And the world awaits the growth of this municipality.

Beaches and the Lambayok festival are more than true representations of how beautiful San Juan, Batangas is. These are manifestations of hard work and inventiveness which makes me more proud of who and where I do belong – the province of Batangas.

Photos of the Lambayok Festival in the second collage is from
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