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See You Soon, Batangas!

This story was sent by Disayrey Sayat, a former Mutya ng Batangan title holder and a young woman who conquers a foreign land and is now missing home.

We know a lot of our followers could relate to what Disay have shared. This is her story from Abu Dhabi with tons of love for Batangas, her home.

12-letter word, 1 syllable and countless memories that could break a heart of many – HOMESICKNESS.

Disay (1)I had to face this every day since I left. I feel pretty lucky for being able to see updates though the social networking sites; I get to catch up with friends through chats and video calls; I could’ve not endured homesickness without these means.

A simple photo posted by a member of the family speaks of a thousand stories you wouldn’t simply wanna read but you would like to hear and experience with them instead. I could only wish for time to swiftly bide each day to alleviate the longing that rests within. I know a lot of people can relate to this contagious feeling; it always gives me the same unfamiliarly poignant tick in the heart every now and then, however, as you feel the longing to be home soon, you learn to do things on your own, the ones your mother needed to help you with before, were the ones you can help your mother with when you meet again – chores they are.

As we seek for ourselves everyday, we grow inside; time hones people and equips them with experiences they will always carry as they face the adventurous and competitive arena of the world, outside the corners of our homes. Home prepares us, the world tests us, and the idea of going back home consoles us.

Disay (2)People leave their comfort zones to search for new horizons, only to find themselves wanting to step back into the same soil where they can smell the distinct aroma of familiarity, warmth, genuine friendship, and love. I miss home. I miss Batangas. The aroma of the cozy air mixing with the mouth watering smell of the hot and fresh pandesal drenched in the famous kapeng barako every morning; the smiles from your family, from your neighbors that say, “The best smiles can be found at home” which is true, I’ve never seen the same beauteous smiles since then; the sweet kiss of the cold sea water on my thirsty feet which luckily stepped into incomparably wonderful sandy beaches of Mabini, Calatagan, San Juan, and Lobo, Batangas – the same sea water that can quench the apparent thirst of my eyes and feet for ethereally wonderful attractions that make my home like no other. I’m excited about the changes that have occurred since I left and looking forward to catching up with buddies and my colleagues.

Everyone feels the elevated nostalgia that exaggerates when memories meddle, but as days pass by, I no longer count the days I am away from the sultry cuddle of the place where I was born, instead I’m starting to imagine the days that pull me closer to experiencing what I love about being in the home of rolling hills and wide shorelands. I miss home. See you real soon.

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