Batangas Jeepney Stickers/Signages

Here are some Jeepney sticker concepts made by Feel free to message us for more jeepney sticker concepts. We started giving away free sticker on jeepneys in different routes here in Batangas.

“Batangas! It’s all here!!! It’s so near!!!”

batangas - jeepney sticker wowbatangas

“Larga na! WOWBatangas!”
Jeepney Signage - jeepney sticker wowbatangas

“Bayad muna bago Chismis, Kita ko’y hinihintay na ni Misis.”
bayad muna bago chismis - jeepney sticker wowbatangas

“Barya lang po sa umaga.”
barya lang po sa umaga - jeepney sticker wowbatangas

“Keep Calm and Say Para”
keep calm and say para - jeepney sticker wowbatangas

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