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Anti-Planking Act of 2011 Filed, What’s Your Say?

In the recent months, we’ve seen photos all over the web of people who do the planking. Call it a fad, call it a trip, but planking had been existing since I don’t know when.

Until one Quezon City representative, Cong. Winston Castelo filed the Anti-Planking Act of 2011. Oh great. So what entered Cong. Castelo’s mind?

It was because of the student protesters who joined last Monday’s transport strike. What these students did? They planked on the streets of España.

Okay, Cong. Castelo only wants to protect students, young people, and plankers of any age, from the dangers of this fad. Imagine how risky it was to plank on the streets. Ang lalaki ng mga buses na pwedeng dumaan doon na hindi nila namamalayan.

Not sure if the Anti-Planking Act only prohibits people to do planking on street rallies. That is why people who do planking, those who embrace this fad, find it hard to decipher why on earth planking might soon be against the law. Geez.

Planking on risky places such as lofty railings, edge of a platform, in the middle of the street, on railways, causes hysteria on people who are against the fad. Safety first, right?

But for people who consider planking a plain fun activity, passing a law against it is too much.

I came across Juanrepublic’s Tumblr post yesterday which talked about the Anti-Planking Act and I can’t help but laugh on his next post. Will an Anti-Jump Shot Act be filed any time soon? Haha. Oh no, I can’t imagine how many people would protest if it happens.

At the end of the day, whether this Anti-Planking Act would be junked or not, WE ALL WANT safety in everything we do. But seriously, it would be better if our lawmakers would delve on the much more important issues and come up with more sensible corresponding acts to pass.

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  1. May the First In First Out (FIFO) Principle of Accounting be applied to Congress as to what are to be given top priority. Huwag nang makisakay sa bandwagon para lang magpasikat

  2. No offense, wag pag-aksayahan ng panahon ang ganitong balita. Please write a more relevant topic rather than this. Peace Y

  3. ok na kilala na namin si Cong. Winston Castelo so, tama na tong balita na to.. un lang naman gusto nyong paalam.. makilala ung congressman. magbalita naman kayo ng may saysay.. nde kagaya ng ganito.!

    • Not really. People had been talking about the issue since yesterday and because we tried the fad, we’d like to know what people here are thinking. It’s not really to let them know who that congressman is. 🙂

  4. For the congressmen, Pag tuunan ng pansin ang mas mahahalagang bagay upang masulusyonan ang problema ng bayan at para wala nang mag planking tulad ng nasa article.

    For the people, specially the students, safety first and try to be more productive rather than doing this senseless acts against our Government.
    Let’s be wise people 🙂

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