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The Other Place (Seafood and Native Restaurant)
The Other Place (Seafood and Native Restaurant)
The Other Place (Seafood and Native Restaurant)
The Other Place (Seafood and Native Restaurant)
Batangas, Calabarzon, Philippines
P. Burgos Batangas Calabarzon PH
(043) 723-1891 | (043) 723-0412(043) 723-1891 | (043) 723-0412

56 The Other Place
The Other Place, as commonly called, has been in restaurant business for number of years already. And from day one, the place takes pride of its old-fashioned interior architectural design. There exists a fusion of Spanish colloquial heritage and old Western mood as evidenced by wooden walls. Basically, most of the designs are made of bamboo materials, classic enough to give patrons a good feel of traditional Filipino dwellings. Thus, this could hardly be called a restaurant, but more of a veranda. And with a column of solid wooden post in the middle, sure thing it’s a safe place to be.


Our Specialty:

  • Batangas Express (seafood mix with chili sauce)

Our Services:

  • Catering
  • Meeting
  • Parties

The Other Place is more a family fine dining restaurant where occasions can be held.

It ‘s Located at Rizal Avenue Extension Road Batangas City.
For Inquiries and Reservation Please Call:
(043) 723-1891

Our Branch: The Only Place Restaurant (043) 723-0412

The Other Place (Seafood and Native Restaurant) 4 years ago
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The Other Place (Seafood and Native Restaurant) 4 years ago
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The Other Place (Seafood and Native Restaurant) 4 years ago
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Euphoria Bar and Resto
Euphoria Bar and Resto
Euphoria Bar and Resto
Euphoria Bar and Resto
Euphoria Bar and Resto
Euphoria Bar and Resto
Euphoria Bar and Resto
Pallocan West, Batangas City 1.19 km

69 Euphoria Bar and Resto 1
Euphoria is a high-end Bar and Resto located at Pallocan West, Batangas City. For those who want to experience a classy night out with buddies, well Euphoria is the place for all of you.  This Bar’s ambiance will make you feel relaxed and comfy all the time. Euphoria also accepts functions like wedding, baptismal, reunions and most specially debuts. It also offers al fresco dining. These are for guests who want to enjoy chilling out. Also situated outside is a stage for concerts and other outdoor activities.

batangas logo.jpeg
Batangas City, Batangas 1.26 km

For the 50th Founding Anniversary of Batangas City, with a theme “Batangas City: Kariktan @ 50” Join and Participate in the series of events from July 4-23, 2019.

Here are the lists of Activities for the Sublian Festival 2019 in Celebration of the 50th Founding Anniversary of Batangas City :

Schedule of Activities  Date and Time
 Pista ng Kalikasan  July 4, 2019, Thursday
 Papuon ng Lungsod ng Batangas  July 5, 2019, Friday | 2 pm
 Launching of E-trike  July 6, 2019, Saturday | 8 am
 Harana sa Bb. Batangas City Foundation Day 2019  July 7, 2019, Sunday | 6 pm
 Haying Batangan  July 13-23, Saturday-Tuesday
 Takbo para sa Kalusugan  July 14, 2019, Sunday | 5 am
 Zumba sa Plaza  July 16, 2019, Tuesday | 6 am
 Gawad Gintong Duyan  July 16, 2019, Tuesday | 2 pm
 Patimpalak Parangal kay Apolinario Mabini  July 18, 2019, Thursday
 Awiting Likhang Batangenyo  July 18, 2019, Thursday | 8 am
 Mga Sayaw na Katutubo sa Batangas  July 18, 2019, Thursday | 1 pm
 Tanduay – Araw ng Kabataan  July 19, 2019, Friday
 Palaro (Students Fair) Meet and Greet  July 19, 2019, Friday | 8 am
 Kapamilya Karavan  July 20, 2019, Saturday | 4 pm
 Patimpalak Sublian  July 22, 2019, Monday | 1 pm
 Paghahatid sa mga Mahal na Poong Sto. Nino at Sta. Cruz  July 22, 2019, Monday | 6 pm
 Sublian Festival  July 23, 2019, Tuesday
Grand Sublian Parade  July 23, 2019, Monday | 9 am
      – Street Dancing
      – Sublian Float Parade
      – Court Dancing Competition  1 pm
      – Awarding Ceremonies for Winners  5 pm

el series resto bar logo.jpg
El Series Resto Bar, Pallocan West, Batangas City 1.27 km

Join The ” MUSIKARAMAY”, A concert for a cause happening this coming August 3, 2019, Saturday, 7 pm onwards at El Series Resto Bar, Pallocan West, Batangas City.

Featuring Local Bands from Lipa and Batangas City including the Generation, Section A, Hardnotes, The Blanc, The Souls, Chewing Gum, Catharsis 043 and 5 Cepra.

Since Musikaramay is a concert for a cause, its proceeds will be used for the treatment of two cancer patients. Have fun by helping those in need at the same time.

brewista logo.jpg
QV Plaza, Pallocan West, Batangas City 1.3 km

Spoil your taste buds, appreciate more of the Filipino menu with a touch of Arabic flavors just within the town.

A unique food menu with distinct taste is served at this one of a kind coffee shop in Batangas City, where you can enjoy home comfort with cozy ambiance plus the great food and sips.

About the Owner

Ms. Princess Karina Villena together with her partner, Roland Rosales, aBatangueno Couple owned and conceptualized this coffee shop. They both work in the Middle East for years where most of their bonding time is spent in trying different restaurants to eat and have some coffee.

That leads to an idea of turning their love for coffee into a business where they would also love to invest their time and love for food.

To know more about coffee and stuff, they attended classes and search for potential suppliers and convert all of their ideas into realities, until Brewista is introduced. The Middle East’s influence reflects the concept of their cafe and food but not invalidating the locals.

About the Business

Brewista Coffee and Hookah Lounge, a Filipino food resto with a touch of Middle Eastern Cuisine is located at the heart of QV Plaza at Pallocan West, Batangas City a commercial building within a walking distance from the SM City Batangas. It was introduced to the public last June 23, 2018, and It operates from 10 am to 12 midnight.

Being the first combined concept in town, Brewista lets the customer experience the middle east feels through their menu, store concept that convey the quality of special coffee served with a twist and the Shisha (or Hookah) that is popular in that country which serves as the owners’ second home.

*Outsourcing local products to local potential suppliers and giving an avenue to local performers.

Despite being a combined concept coffee shop and restaurant Brewista, particularly its owners, support our Locals by outsourcing products from them. Their Bread and Pastries are homemade, baked by working home Moms. Other display products at their store are also outsourced locally.

Their acoustic stage and sing along area is open for local bands who used to go here and play music, Not limiting their performing time.

Special Features of Brewista

√ First in Batangas City to introduce the use of metal straw on drinks.
√ All ages are welcome here, with entertainment stuff like board games, coffee books, sing a long area.
√ Meeting place for business purposes.
√ Brewista is also the first coffee shop to offer authentic Turkish Coffee. It is not just a coffee shop but also a restaurant that offers a wide selection of food menu.
√ First Coffee Shop in Batangas City with Shisha (or Hookah).

Hookah Flavors :
Gum w/ Cinnamon
Grape w/ Mint
Two Apples
Gum w/ Mint

*You can also avail 5 peso discount on your chosen drinks by bringing your own Tumbler.

This very first branch of Brewista is a fruit of humble beginnings with love and hard work of the owners. Their staff here are very accommodating, serving customers on their very best of work.
Home comfort and taste of something new are Brewista’s promise to its dear customers.

Brewista is having its second branch!

Ms. Princess is very glad to announce that their coffee store with hookah concept will have its second branch at Sabang, Lipa City and will be brewing soon.


Best of Brewista Coffee and Hookah Lounge

Known for a distinct taste of their Menu, here are some of Brewista’s best Filipino food with foreign influence.

Lakatan Croquettes
Cheese Coffee
Tropical Fusion
Iced Espasol
Tapsilog Croque Madame
Buko Pie Crumble
Minced Tapa Rice Bowl
Tuna Mousse and Biscotcho
Salmon Salad with Toasted Linga Dressing
Strawberry Banana Fruitee
Poached Chicken in Asado Sauce

 Brewista Coffee and Hookah Lounge Menu
 Brewiccino – Brewista Special Frappes  Fruitees
 Classics  Over Iced | Ice Blended
 Coffee Based  Strawberry
 Mocha  Green Apple
 Vanilla Bean  Kiwi
 Salted Caramel  Lemon
 Minty Oreo  Passion Fruit
 Non-Coffee Based  Gourmet
 Pure Vanilla  Coffee Based
 Strawberry Cream  Cookie Dough
 Cookies and Crea,  Oh My Oreo
 Skinny Peppermint  Java Chips
 Brewista Espresso and Brew  Caramel Pop
 Espresso and Brew  Mudslide
 Espresso  Brownie Temptation
 Macchiato  Non-Coffee Based
 Caramel Macchiato  Sunrise Blends
 Choco Con Panna Mango Graham
 Caramel Con Panna  Tropical Passion
 Sparkling Espresso w/ mint (iced)  Strawberry Shortcake
 All-Time Favorite  Cinnamon Toast
 Brewed Coffee  Toffee Nuts
 Cafe Au Lait  Banana Split
 Cafe Latte  White Matcha
 Cafe Americano  Matcha Oreo
 Cappuccino  Organic Tea ( Pot or Tea Bag)
 Signature Drinks  Jasmine
 Turkish Coffee  Hibiscus
 Traditional w/ cardamom seed  Chamomile
 Milk-Based  Earl Grey
 Mocha Au Lait  Anise
 Butter Brew  Morrocan Mint
 White Cafe Bombon  Ginger
 Monkey’s Cappuccino  Natural Green Tea
 Black and Tan Latte  Organic Mint
 Happy Hazel  Kid’s Choice Non-Coffee
 Barako Fluffy  (Hot or Iced) Add 10php for Ice
 Ice Brewko  Milk
 Flavored Latte  Chocolate
 Vanilla Latte  Hot Only | Submarine (Chocolatey) Flavors to choose from :
 Mocha Latte  Toffee Coffee Twist
 Mocha Mint Latte  Caramel
 Matcha Latte  White Choco
 Cardamom Milk Tea  Beers
 Iced Cardamom Spiced Latte  Tiger black
 Spiced Latte  Tiger Crystal
 All-Time Favorite Pasta  Heineken
 Meatballs spaghetti  Corona
 Chicken Pesto  Stella Artois
 Tuna Pasta  Smirnoff
 Creamy Carbonara  Hoegarden
 Rice Bowls  Wine 
 Pork Rice Bowl  Merlot
 Chicken Rice Bowl  Sauvignon
 Tuna Rice Bowl  Shots
 Extra Fried Rice  Black Label
 EGG add ons (1pc)  Water
 Chicken  Evian
 Spicy Chicken with Wedges  Philly Sandwiches
 Honey Mustard with Wedges  Philly Roasted Pork Cheesesteaks
 All Day Breakfast & Sandwiches  Philly Beef Sukiyaki Cheesesteaks
 Big Brewista Meal  Chicken Parmigiana
 Club Brewistawich  Snacks :
 WBE- waffles, bacon, eggs  Fries
 Brewitoas  Wedges
 Pulled Pork  Nachos
 Tuna Sandwich  Fish and Chips
 Grilled Cheese
 Beef Quesadilla
 Cubano Panini

Social Media Links:

Ginazel's Catering Services
Ginazel's Catering Services
Ginazel's Catering Services
Ginazel's Catering Services
Pastor Village,Gulod Labac Batangas City 1.65 km
043 723 1731043 723 1731
Elegante Homes (31).jpg
Elegante Homes (5).JPG
Elegante Homes (4).JPG
Elegante Homes (6).JPG
Elegante Homes (2).JPG
Elegante Homes (7).JPG
Elegante Homes (3).JPG
Elegante Homes (8).JPG
Elegante Homes (10).JPG
Elegante Homes (9).JPG
Elegante Homes (11).JPG
Elegante Homes (15).JPG
Elegante Homes (14).JPG
Elegante Homes (16).JPG
Elegante Homes (17).JPG
Elegante Homes (19).JPG
Elegante Homes (20).JPG
Elegante Homes (21).JPG
Elegante Homes (22).JPG
Elegante Homes (23).JPG
Elegante Homes (24).JPG
Elegante Homes (18).JPG
Elegante Homes (29).JPG
Elegante Homes (13).JPG
Elegante Homes (12).JPG
Elegante Homes (27).JPG
Elegante Homes (25).JPG
Elegante Homes (28).JPG
Elegante Homes (26).JPG
Elegante Homes (30).JPG
Elegante Homes (1).JPG
Gulod Labac, Pastor Road, Batangas, Calabarzon, Philippines 1.68 km

“Let us design your home according to your style”



Elegante Home is an Interior Decorators & Designer’s Supplies business in Batangas City,Batangas.

Elegante Home  is a provider of a wide range of interior products and accessories such as 3D glass etching, graphicote, modular kitchen, roller blinds, vertical blinds, wallpapers, stainless glass railings, roofing materials, ceiling gypsum board, and other home improvement materials.


Due to the demand for architectural and interior design of customers and contractors, the board of directors decided to develop Elegante Home  after more than 20 years in construction and fabrication services. It was built on March 2009. With the local support of architects and engineers, it has successfully designed different projects, including residential housing schemes, commercial buildings, hospitals, school buildings, town houses, and hotels.




  • Traditional Section
  • SD1109 Series UPVC Profile
  • Automatic Door
  • Casement/Awning Windows
  • Swing Door
  • Fixed Glass
  • Curtain Walls
  • Screen Doors and Windows
  • Partition/Cubicle Store Front Showcase
  • Aluminum Louvers
  • Cabinet Showcase
  • Shower Enclosure
  • Glass Board/Bulletin Boardsliding/ Magnetic Cabinet
  • Table Top Glassmirrors


  • Trusses
  • Gates, Spiral Stair Case, Stair/Hand Railings
  • Terraces, Grilles/Steel Windows


  • Roofing Rib/Tile
  • Spandrel, Curved Gypsum Board, Steel Deckgutter
  • Smoulding
  • Capping/Flashing
  • Plain Roof Sheets
  • Skylight Roofing


  • Window Tint
  • Blinds
  • SPVC Folding Door, Polycarbonate, Processed Glass
  • Modular Kitchen



Main Branch
Gulod Labac, Pastor Road, Batangas City

Calapan Branch
Brgy. Tawiran, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro
(043) 288-2401 /0908-894-5717

Contact Details :
Address : Gulod Labac, Pastor Road, Batangas, Calabarzon, Philippines
Landline : 723 1234
Mobile :  0908 882 3839 | 0922 801 5510
Email : elegante_gwyneth@yahoo.com.ph

Hot and Cold Cafe
Hot and Cold Cafe
Hot and Cold Cafe
Hot and Cold Cafe
Hot and Cold Cafe
Hot and Cold Cafe
National Hwy, Kumintang Ilaya, Batangas City 2.08 km
(043) 723-0556(043) 723-0556

46 Hot and Cold Cafe1
A place where you can EXPERIENCE “SARAP!”. Hot and Cold Cafe serves one of the finest coffee bean in ITALY. Food and Beverage are build by the most talented Chefs in the Philippines, lead by Chef Gene Gonzales, President/Director of Center for Asian Culinary Studies in Manila.

Calling all Burger Lovers, Steak-buster, Coffee Drinkers and Smoothie Fanatic.



  • Casual Dining
  • Catering



  • Western Cuisine
  • Specialty of the House Burgers and Steak
  • Coffee
  • Smoothies
  • Fruit Juices
  • Cocktails
  • Beers


Our Culinary Team

  • Chef Gene Gonzales – President/Director CACS Manila
  • Chef Gino Gonzales – CACS Manila
  • Chef Lawrence Zafra – CACS Manila
  • Chef Toto Efre – CACS Manila
  • Chef Jecko Cabral – Owner Hot and Cold Cafe


Monday – Thursday: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Friday – Saturday: 11:00 am – 12:00 am
Sunday: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Craving for Burger?
Hot and Cold Cafe Offers, Every 30th of the Month all ANGUS BURGER is for only 180pesos.

Hot and Cold Cafe is More than just Coffee!

It is located at National Hwy, Kumintang Ilaya, Batangas City.
For Inquiries and Reservation, : +639158042685 / (043) 723-0556

Come and Visit us!


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hot-and-Cold-Cafe/121175524609520

hotline logo.jpeg
Batangas City, Batangas, Philippines 2.43 km


List of Emergency Hotlines in Batangas City :


 Landline   Mobile Numbers
  Bureau of Fire Batangas City  (043) 301 7996
  BFP Alangilan Substation  (043) 702 1973
  Batangas City Police Station  (043) 723 2476/ (043) 723 2030   09164291515 / 09989673414
  Batangas Medical Center  (043) 740 8307
  Jesus of Nazareth Hospital  (043) 723 4144
  St. Patricks Hospital and Medical Center  (043) 723 7089 – 92
  Golden Gate General Hospital  (043) 341 3112
  Batangas Healthcare Specialist Medical Center  (043) 741 2088

Sadelta Steel and Fabrication Shop
Diversion Road, Bolbok, Batangas City, Philippines 3.03 km

52 Sadelta Steel and Fabrication Shop 1
We at Sadelta Steel and Fabrication Shop, established in 1998 and operating for more than 15 years now, are Scaffolding Experts. We provide quality and well inspected scaffolding that you need, whether you need to buy it or just rent it from us. We are based in Batangas City, Philippines and we can deliver to any location in the country.

Visit our website at http://scaffolding.com.ph

Fred's Seafood Restaurant
Fred's Seafood Restaurant
Fred's Seafood Restaurant
Fred's Seafood Restaurant
Fred's Seafood Restaurant
Pallocan East, Batangas City, Calabarzon, Philippines 3.23 km
(043) 723-7540(043) 723-7540
0998 374 50840998 374 5084

55 Fred's Seafood Restaurant 1
A unique seafood restaurant, an exceptional location, an out of the ordinary idea to gather special occasions, sophisticated service, unforgettable memories to share, a refreshment for your thirst and the satisfaction to your cravings! We have them all in one roof. Dine with us and experience Fred’s Seafood Restaurant!

When you dine in a restaurant for the first time, it’s advisable to do some research before your visit. Ask friends, look for reviews online, and know the best sellers. But sometimes, it’s refreshing to just be surprised.Read more here about Fred’s Seafood Restaurant.


  • Takes Reservations
  • Walk-Ins Welcome
  • Good For Groups
  • Good For Kids
  • Take Out
  • Delivery
  • Catering
  • Waiter Service
  • Outdoor Seating

Food Styles

  • Filipino
  • Japanese
  • Seafood
  • Singaporean

If you want to reserve a table, call (043) 723-7540. Fred’s Seafood restaurant is open from 10:00 am – 11:00 pm.




travel expo.png
Xentro Mall, Batangas City 3.66 km

This coming November 16 to 17, Batangas Expo 2019 organized by Philippine Travel Expo will be happening at XentroMall Batangas City.

The expo will help you find awesome deals from different Travel & Tours, Hotels, Restaurants Tourist Destinations & Attractions.

Xentro Mall, Batangas City 3.66 km

Batangas Wedding Expo 2019 will took place at Xentro Mall, Batangas City happening on September 14-15, 2019, from 10 am to 9 pm.

They will showcase the finest and most trusted wedding suppliers from Batangas.

For more details visit http://www.BatangasWeddings.com or call at 0927 646 7091 and look for Coleen.

SM City Batangas 3.87 km

Calling all the debutantes and soon to wed couples! Admission is FREE at the Debut and Bridal Fair year 2,  organized by Creative Events and Ideas happening again at SM City Batangas this coming July 26-28.

Learn the latest in debut and wedding scenes, meet Batangas’ homegrown suppliers and get exciting deals and discounts when you book on the spot.





Kitty Cut Hair and Nails Logo
2nd floor Epicenter Building, Balagtas, Batangas City 4.15 km

Kitty Cut Hair and Nails Beauty Salon and Spa is a full-service beauty salon started since December 2014 and dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price/value relationship.

Kitty Cut Hair and Nails Beauty Salon and Spa is located at 2/F Epicenter Building., Balagtas, Batangas City near SM Hypermart. Our staff know how to deal with every customer, from students to office staffs, etc. Most of our clients are returning client from neighbour cities and word of mouth from those who trust us.

Ms. Kat , the proud owner is also a regular customer of beauty salon and spas, after realizing that she spend too much time on travelling, She decided to start her own salon near her place. She’s also a fan of Hello Kitty and decided to make it as the theme of her established salon. Clients are amazed when they see the interior design of our Beauty Salon and Spa. From walls to chairs to ceiling, all are something that a Hello kitty fan would love. We are open from Monday to Sunday from 10:00am to 8:30pm (we extend if we need to) and we also do home service.



· Kitty’s Haircut : P100.00
· Hair Rebonding with treatment : starts at P1200.00
· Permanent Blowdry : starts at P1200.00
· Digital Perming : starts at P2500.00
· Traditional Perming : starts at P800.00\
· Keratin Blowout: starts at P1200.00
· Brazillian Blowout : starts at P2500.00
· Hair Spa: starts at P500.00
· Hair Cellophane  : starts at P500.00
· Vegetarian Hair Treatment : starts at P400.00
· Argan Mask : starts at P300.00
· Hot Oil: starts at P300.00
· Hair Color (MEN) : P500.00
· Hair Color (WOMEN) : starts at P600.00
· Highlights : starts at 500.00

Manicure with Regular Polish : P80.00
· Pedicure with Regular Polish : P100.00
*Additional Polishes
· Imported Polish : P50.00
· Gel Polish : P300.00
· Nail Stramp : P70.00
· Aqua Mineral Nails : P50.00
· Mirror Nails : P30.00 per Nail
· Nail Art (Manual) : P10.00 per Nail

Footspa  : P250.00
Footspa with Pedicure : P320.00
· Footspa with Manicure and Pedicure : P400.00

Underarm Waxing : P250.00
· Full Legs Waxing : P600.00
· Lower and Upper Lips Waxing : P200.00
· Brazillian Bikini Waxing : P600.00
· Bikini Line : P100.00

Eyelash Extension (Full effect) : P800.00
· Eyebrow : P80.00
· Underarm : P160.00
· Upper Lip : P150.00

· Eyebrow Shaping : P40.00
· Hair and Make up : P600.00

Eyebrow embroidery (by appointment)

· Gluta – IV Injection

It is our goal to exceed your expectations. Come experience a family atmosphere where you come as guests and leave as friends. Our staff is highly trained with diversity in all aspects of Hair, Waxing, and Massage. We keep up on the latest trends in our industry by continually learning and studying the trends throughout the year.

Come let us pamper you and provide you with quality services.

Contact Details :
Address : 2nd floor Epicenter Building, Balagtas, Batangas City
Landline : 043 774 2792
Mobile :  0916 742 9508
Email : kathykheyt_08@yahoo.com

IMG_0302 edited.jpg
IMG_0303 edited.jpg
IMG_0236 edited.jpg
IMG_0231 edited.jpg
IMG_0229 edited.jpg
IMG_0306 edited.jpg
IMG_0307 edited.jpg
IMG_0309 edited.jpg
IMG_0230 edited.jpg
IMG_0310 edited.jpg
IMG_0311 edited.jpg
IMG_5107 edited.jpg
IMG_5112 edited 1.jpg
IMG_5129 edited.jpg
IMG_5127 edited.jpg
San Pascual, Batangas 4.21 km
(043) 706 2183(043) 706 2183
0949-146-5504 / 0956-663-55040949-146-5504 / 0956-663-5504

 The Mystical Healing of Mt.Banahaw is in our hands.

Banahaw Heals Spa started with the founder’s gifted talent and inherent skills, incorporated with personal research and studies on the nature of spa services in line with body massage.


The Banahaw Signature 5-in-1 Healing Massage
At Banahaw Heals Spa, the Founder developed an innovative massage that uses different modalities and apply them into one- those are Thai, Swedish,Hilot, Shiatsu, and Tuina.



Banahaw Healing Treatments

Netibo Healing is a type of Heat Therapy. The application of heat to the body for pain relief and health. It can take the form of a hot cloth, hot water, ultrasound, heating pad, hydrocollator packs, whirlpool baths, cordless FIR heat therapy wrap, and many others. It can be beneficial to those with arthritis and stiff muscles and injuries to the deep tissue of the skin. Heat may be an effective self-care treatment for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

Ventusa Therapy or “Cupping” is a type of Traditional Chinese massage, consisting of placing several glass “cups” (open spheres) on the body. A match is lit and placed inside the cup and then removed before placing the cup against the skin. As the air in the cup is heated, it expands, and after placing in the skin, cools, creating lower pressure inside the cup that allows the cup to stick to the skin via suction. When combined with massage oil, the cups can be slid around the back, offering “reverse-pressure massage”.


Cranio Sacral Therapy A cranio sacral therapy session involves the therapist placing their hands on the patient, which allows them to “tune into the cranio sacral rhythm”. Cranio sacral therapists claim to treat mental stress, neck and back pain, migraines, TMJ Syndrome, and for chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia.


Banahaw Heals Spa Menu Of Services

1. hilot kagalingan
* Hilot pamana
* Signature 5-in-1 Healing Massage
* Foot Reflexology
* With sheer butter body polish
Netibo Healing
Cranio Sacral
Traditional Ventusa
Running Ventusa
Herbal Ventusa
Ear Candling Detos
Hand Reflex
Foot Reflex
Turtle Walk Massaging
Hair Spa and Body Scrub
Steam Bath
PACKAGE #1 Back Pain Healing
PACKAGE #2 Lower Back Pain Healing
PACKAGE #3 Deep Tissue Hard Massage
PACKAGE #4 Muscle Pain and Spasm Healing
PACKAGE #5 Relaxation and Healing
PACKAGE #6 Take-All-You-Can Healing


Contact Details :
Address : San Pascual, Batangas
Landline : 043 706 2183
Mobile :  0949-146-5504 | 09566635504

The Epicenter
The Epicenter
The Epicenter
The Epicenter
The Epicenter
The Epicenter
The Epicenter
865 National Road, Brgy. Balagtas, Batangas City 5.1 km
Batangas City, Batangas , Philippines 5.76 km

Calling the attention of all photography-loving individuals residing in the Philippines, Male, and Female aged 13 and up.

The theme of this photo contest is Rich Batangas: Fun, Food, Faith. Submission of entries is from August 19 to September 19, 2019.

San Antonio,San Pascual Batangas 5.94 km
043 786 2063 / 043 706 1144043 786 2063 / 043 706 1144


Lando’s Eatery and Lomi House started in the garage of the parents of the owner 15 years ago. They served noodles (pansit) and lomi (a filipino dish made with a variety if thick fresh egg noodles of about a quarter of an inch in diameter,soaked in lye water to give it more texture).

Eventually,they moved to national highway of San Antonio San Pascual to cater growing number of customers each day. They added several menu and other variety of pansit in different sizes to serve the request of customers.

For 15 years,it was managed by Ms. Adora Agbay and the late Mr. Rolando Agbay  and currently managed and owned by their son Marc Roland Agbay.

Lando’s was named after the late Mr. Rolando Agbay and its success continuous because of the non-comparable  taste of pansit and lomi with the others. They have their own recipe and sauces which is combined with 4 different sauces and they are not using monosodium glutamate (vetsin) in any food in their menu. From pansit and lomi they cater ready to eat food due to customer’s request.


Lando’s preserved it’s identity of pansit and lomi for 17 years, this means, the owner is planning of adding branches to reach other customers and enjoy the taste of original lomi and pansit of province of Batangas.

Lando’s were very thankful to the decades of support from loyal customers and promise to continue the service to all of Batangueños. They can assure the customers the consistency of the taste of their pansit and lomi which let them came back.

Food Menu


Isa sa dinarayo at binabalik-balikan ng mga tao sa San Antonio,San Pascual Batangas ay ang pinagmamalaking Lomi ng Lando’s Eatery. Bukod sa napakasarap na kanilang bersyon ng lutong lomi ay napakalinis at napakaganda din ng serbisyong kanilang ibinibigay sa mga kostumer dito. Isa ding tampok na pagkain dito ay ang kanilang pansit na talaga namang babagay sa panlasa ng kahit na sinong makakatikim nito.

Maliban sa lomi at pansit, meron din silang iba’t ibang putahe na maaari mong mabibili.Hindi lang sila malinis sa pagkain maging ang lugar ay kanilang pinapanatiling malinis.

 Lomi  Regular  Special
 Solo  70  100
 Jumbo  110  160


 Mami  Regular  Special
 Solo  60  90
 Jumbo  110  150
 Chicken  70  150


 Guisado  Regular  Special
 Miki  80  110
 Miki Bihon  80  110
 Miki Spicy  80  110
 Bihon  80  110
 Canton  120  150
 Canton Bihon  120  150
 Sotanghon  120  150

 Tapsilog  75
 Chicksilog  75
 Beefsilog  80
 Hotsilog  50
 Fried Chicken  90
 Liempo  100
 Chopsuey  100
 Lumpiang Shanghai  50
 French Fries  30

 Cheese Burger  40
 Hamburger  35
 Halo-Halo  50/60

 Bilao  Small  Medium  Large  X-Large
 Miki  350  450  600  800
 Bihon  350  450  600  800
 Miki-Bihon  350  450  600  800
 Canton  400  500  650  850
 Canton-Bihon  400  500  650  850
 Sotanghon  400  500  650  850
 Spaghetti  400  500  750  900



Contact Details :
Address : Mabini, Poblacion, Batangas, Philippines
Landline : 043 786 2063 | 043 706 1144
Mobile :  09998019867

Municipality of San Pascual.jpg
San Pascual, Calabarzon, Philippines 5.94 km
San Pascual
San Pascual, Batangas, Philippines 7.17 km

*details to follow.

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