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September 23-28 , 2019 | Anihan Festival 2019 | Lobo Foundation Day

Lobo, Batangas, Philippines

Here are the lists of activities for the upcoming Anihan Festival 2019 in celebration of  Lobo Batangas Founding Anniversary.

Events Date and Time
Alay Lakad Monday, September 23 | 6:00 am
Opening of Agri-Fair Monday, September 23 | 7:00 am
Kasalang Bayan Tuesday, September 24 | 7:00 am
Miss Lobo – Talent Night Tuesday, September 24 | 7:00 pm
Job Fair Wednesday, September 25 | 7:00 am
Anihan Festival Queen Wednesday, September 25 | 7:00 pm
Fluvial Procession Thursday, September 26 | 7:00 am
Miss Lobo Coronation Thursday, September 26 | 7:00 pm
Flag Raising Friday, September 27 | 8:30 am
Foundation Celebration – Cultural Friday, September 27 | 1:00 pm
Entertainment Night ft. Agsunta Friday, September 27 | 8:00 pm
Anihan Festival ( Float, Parade ) Saturday, September 28 | 7:00 am
Anihan Festival Dance Saturday, September 28 | 7:00 am onwards
World of Dance Saturday, September 28 | 7:00 pm
Basketball Exhibition Game Sunday, September 29 | 1:00 pm

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Villanueva Resort
Villanueva Resort
Villanueva Resort
Villanueva Resort
Villanueva Resort
Ibaan, Batangas City 21.05 km
0917 794 3245 / 0932 892 2115 / 0919 311 19930917 794 3245 / 0932 892 2115 / 0919 311 1993

57 Villanueva Resort 3
In the heart of the Municipality of Ibaan exists a resort that caters not just the usual outings but also different occasions such as wedding, baptismal, anniversary, birthday and other family gatherings. Opened on April 16, 2005, VILLANUEVA RESORT offers comfort and guaranteed “at home” experience along with leisure.

Located just in between Ibaan Public Market and Petron Station, Villanueva Resort houses amenities that suit various needs and meet various requirements. It has an:

  • Adult Pool
  • Kiddie Pool


  • Rest House

The rest house has 2 rooms with 3 triple decks, each deck good for 3 persons.


There are comfort rooms in the resort and other amenities like:

  • Kubo
  • Unlimited Videoke
  • Mini Conference Room
  • Grilling Station
  • Wishing Well

Who says relaxing always means going far? And who says celebrations are best spent in the city? Experience Villanueva Resort. Experience the comfort of leisure.


It’s  Located at Don Pedro Subdivision, Ibaan, Batangas City
For Inquiries and Reservation Please Call and Look for:
Ms. Ailyn Joy / Ms. Joean Bee
0917 794 3245 / 0932 892 2115 / 0919 311 1993

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/villanueva.resort

ibaan batangas.png
Batangas, Ibaan, Calabarzon, Philippines 21.05 km
Elegante Homes (31).jpg
Elegante Homes (5).JPG
Elegante Homes (4).JPG
Elegante Homes (6).JPG
Elegante Homes (2).JPG
Elegante Homes (7).JPG
Elegante Homes (3).JPG
Elegante Homes (8).JPG
Elegante Homes (10).JPG
Elegante Homes (9).JPG
Elegante Homes (11).JPG
Elegante Homes (15).JPG
Elegante Homes (14).JPG
Elegante Homes (16).JPG
Elegante Homes (17).JPG
Elegante Homes (19).JPG
Elegante Homes (20).JPG
Elegante Homes (21).JPG
Elegante Homes (22).JPG
Elegante Homes (23).JPG
Elegante Homes (24).JPG
Elegante Homes (18).JPG
Elegante Homes (29).JPG
Elegante Homes (13).JPG
Elegante Homes (12).JPG
Elegante Homes (27).JPG
Elegante Homes (25).JPG
Elegante Homes (28).JPG
Elegante Homes (26).JPG
Elegante Homes (30).JPG
Elegante Homes (1).JPG
Gulod Labac, Pastor Road, Batangas, Calabarzon, Philippines 21.62 km

“Let us design your home according to your style”



Elegante Home is an Interior Decorators & Designer’s Supplies business in Batangas City,Batangas.

Elegante Home  is a provider of a wide range of interior products and accessories such as 3D glass etching, graphicote, modular kitchen, roller blinds, vertical blinds, wallpapers, stainless glass railings, roofing materials, ceiling gypsum board, and other home improvement materials.


Due to the demand for architectural and interior design of customers and contractors, the board of directors decided to develop Elegante Home  after more than 20 years in construction and fabrication services. It was built on March 2009. With the local support of architects and engineers, it has successfully designed different projects, including residential housing schemes, commercial buildings, hospitals, school buildings, town houses, and hotels.




  • Traditional Section
  • SD1109 Series UPVC Profile
  • Automatic Door
  • Casement/Awning Windows
  • Swing Door
  • Fixed Glass
  • Curtain Walls
  • Screen Doors and Windows
  • Partition/Cubicle Store Front Showcase
  • Aluminum Louvers
  • Cabinet Showcase
  • Shower Enclosure
  • Glass Board/Bulletin Boardsliding/ Magnetic Cabinet
  • Table Top Glassmirrors


  • Trusses
  • Gates, Spiral Stair Case, Stair/Hand Railings
  • Terraces, Grilles/Steel Windows


  • Roofing Rib/Tile
  • Spandrel, Curved Gypsum Board, Steel Deckgutter
  • Smoulding
  • Capping/Flashing
  • Plain Roof Sheets
  • Skylight Roofing


  • Window Tint
  • Blinds
  • SPVC Folding Door, Polycarbonate, Processed Glass
  • Modular Kitchen



Main Branch
Gulod Labac, Pastor Road, Batangas City

Calapan Branch
Brgy. Tawiran, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro
(043) 288-2401 /0908-894-5717

Contact Details :
Address : Gulod Labac, Pastor Road, Batangas, Calabarzon, Philippines
Landline : 723 1234
Mobile :  0908 882 3839 | 0922 801 5510
Email : elegante_gwyneth@yahoo.com.ph

Ginazel's Catering Services
Ginazel's Catering Services
Ginazel's Catering Services
Ginazel's Catering Services
Pastor Village,Gulod Labac Batangas City 21.66 km
043 723 1731043 723 1731
brewista logo.jpg
QV Plaza, Pallocan West, Batangas City 21.67 km

Spoil your taste buds, appreciate more of the Filipino menu with a touch of Arabic flavors just within the town.

A unique food menu with distinct taste is served at this one of a kind coffee shop in Batangas City, where you can enjoy home comfort with cozy ambiance plus the great food and sips.

About the Owner

Ms. Princess Karina Villena together with her partner, Roland Rosales, aBatangueno Couple owned and conceptualized this coffee shop. They both work in the Middle East for years where most of their bonding time is spent in trying different restaurants to eat and have some coffee.

That leads to an idea of turning their love for coffee into a business where they would also love to invest their time and love for food.

To know more about coffee and stuff, they attended classes and search for potential suppliers and convert all of their ideas into realities, until Brewista is introduced. The Middle East’s influence reflects the concept of their cafe and food but not invalidating the locals.

About the Business

Brewista Coffee and Hookah Lounge, a Filipino food resto with a touch of Middle Eastern Cuisine is located at the heart of QV Plaza at Pallocan West, Batangas City a commercial building within a walking distance from the SM City Batangas. It was introduced to the public last June 23, 2018, and It operates from 10 am to 12 midnight.

Being the first combined concept in town, Brewista lets the customer experience the middle east feels through their menu, store concept that convey the quality of special coffee served with a twist and the Shisha (or Hookah) that is popular in that country which serves as the owners’ second home.

*Outsourcing local products to local potential suppliers and giving an avenue to local performers.

Despite being a combined concept coffee shop and restaurant Brewista, particularly its owners, support our Locals by outsourcing products from them. Their Bread and Pastries are homemade, baked by working home Moms. Other display products at their store are also outsourced locally.

Their acoustic stage and sing along area is open for local bands who used to go here and play music, Not limiting their performing time.

Special Features of Brewista

√ First in Batangas City to introduce the use of metal straw on drinks.
√ All ages are welcome here, with entertainment stuff like board games, coffee books, sing a long area.
√ Meeting place for business purposes.
√ Brewista is also the first coffee shop to offer authentic Turkish Coffee. It is not just a coffee shop but also a restaurant that offers a wide selection of food menu.
√ First Coffee Shop in Batangas City with Shisha (or Hookah).

Hookah Flavors :
Gum w/ Cinnamon
Grape w/ Mint
Two Apples
Gum w/ Mint

*You can also avail 5 peso discount on your chosen drinks by bringing your own Tumbler.

This very first branch of Brewista is a fruit of humble beginnings with love and hard work of the owners. Their staff here are very accommodating, serving customers on their very best of work.
Home comfort and taste of something new are Brewista’s promise to its dear customers.

Brewista is having its second branch!

Ms. Princess is very glad to announce that their coffee store with hookah concept will have its second branch at Sabang, Lipa City and will be brewing soon.


Best of Brewista Coffee and Hookah Lounge

Known for a distinct taste of their Menu, here are some of Brewista’s best Filipino food with foreign influence.

Lakatan Croquettes
Cheese Coffee
Tropical Fusion
Iced Espasol
Tapsilog Croque Madame
Buko Pie Crumble
Minced Tapa Rice Bowl
Tuna Mousse and Biscotcho
Salmon Salad with Toasted Linga Dressing
Strawberry Banana Fruitee
Poached Chicken in Asado Sauce

 Brewista Coffee and Hookah Lounge Menu
 Brewiccino – Brewista Special Frappes  Fruitees
 Classics  Over Iced | Ice Blended
 Coffee Based  Strawberry
 Mocha  Green Apple
 Vanilla Bean  Kiwi
 Salted Caramel  Lemon
 Minty Oreo  Passion Fruit
 Non-Coffee Based  Gourmet
 Pure Vanilla  Coffee Based
 Strawberry Cream  Cookie Dough
 Cookies and Crea,  Oh My Oreo
 Skinny Peppermint  Java Chips
 Brewista Espresso and Brew  Caramel Pop
 Espresso and Brew  Mudslide
 Espresso  Brownie Temptation
 Macchiato  Non-Coffee Based
 Caramel Macchiato  Sunrise Blends
 Choco Con Panna Mango Graham
 Caramel Con Panna  Tropical Passion
 Sparkling Espresso w/ mint (iced)  Strawberry Shortcake
 All-Time Favorite  Cinnamon Toast
 Brewed Coffee  Toffee Nuts
 Cafe Au Lait  Banana Split
 Cafe Latte  White Matcha
 Cafe Americano  Matcha Oreo
 Cappuccino  Organic Tea ( Pot or Tea Bag)
 Signature Drinks  Jasmine
 Turkish Coffee  Hibiscus
 Traditional w/ cardamom seed  Chamomile
 Milk-Based  Earl Grey
 Mocha Au Lait  Anise
 Butter Brew  Morrocan Mint
 White Cafe Bombon  Ginger
 Monkey’s Cappuccino  Natural Green Tea
 Black and Tan Latte  Organic Mint
 Happy Hazel  Kid’s Choice Non-Coffee
 Barako Fluffy  (Hot or Iced) Add 10php for Ice
 Ice Brewko  Milk
 Flavored Latte  Chocolate
 Vanilla Latte  Hot Only | Submarine (Chocolatey) Flavors to choose from :
 Mocha Latte  Toffee Coffee Twist
 Mocha Mint Latte  Caramel
 Matcha Latte  White Choco
 Cardamom Milk Tea  Beers
 Iced Cardamom Spiced Latte  Tiger black
 Spiced Latte  Tiger Crystal
 All-Time Favorite Pasta  Heineken
 Meatballs spaghetti  Corona
 Chicken Pesto  Stella Artois
 Tuna Pasta  Smirnoff
 Creamy Carbonara  Hoegarden
 Rice Bowls  Wine 
 Pork Rice Bowl  Merlot
 Chicken Rice Bowl  Sauvignon
 Tuna Rice Bowl  Shots
 Extra Fried Rice  Black Label
 EGG add ons (1pc)  Water
 Chicken  Evian
 Spicy Chicken with Wedges  Philly Sandwiches
 Honey Mustard with Wedges  Philly Roasted Pork Cheesesteaks
 All Day Breakfast & Sandwiches  Philly Beef Sukiyaki Cheesesteaks
 Big Brewista Meal  Chicken Parmigiana
 Club Brewistawich  Snacks :
 WBE- waffles, bacon, eggs  Fries
 Brewitoas  Wedges
 Pulled Pork  Nachos
 Tuna Sandwich  Fish and Chips
 Grilled Cheese
 Beef Quesadilla
 Cubano Panini

Social Media Links:

el series resto bar logo.jpg
El Series Resto Bar, Pallocan West, Batangas City 21.72 km

Join The ” MUSIKARAMAY”, A concert for a cause happening this coming August 3, 2019, Saturday, 7 pm onwards at El Series Resto Bar, Pallocan West, Batangas City.

Featuring Local Bands from Lipa and Batangas City including the Generation, Section A, Hardnotes, The Blanc, The Souls, Chewing Gum, Catharsis 043 and 5 Cepra.

Since Musikaramay is a concert for a cause, its proceeds will be used for the treatment of two cancer patients. Have fun by helping those in need at the same time.

Manuel Pastor Road, Pallocan West, Batangas City 21.8 km

Looking for a restaurant and café in one place that offers awesome food and fine dining experience but by not breaking your bank?

All kinds of restaurants gobble around places in the city but this one is a whole new way different. We talk about Share Café–where friends, family, and colleagues meet.

About the Business

Share Cafe is a unique restaurant and cafe in two buildings located at Manuel Pastor Road, Pallocan West, Batangas City. It was opened to the public last April 2019. The concept of the business is to expand local cafeterias, where everyone is expected to be comfortable while enjoying the food and the place itself. What is notable about Share Cafe is that it is a budget-friendly cafe and restaurant with a cozy and fine dining feels.

Share Cafe’s Products

Share Cafe is a restaurant and cafe that owns a very diverse menu. Their freshly prepared meals is a talk of the town.

They offer express meals for only 48 pesos that include 1 1/2 cup of rice, viand, vegetable mix, soup and spring rolls paired with a large iced tea. This express meal menu changes daily which give their customers the taste of home cooking.

The restaurant is now becoming known for its Crispy Pata that is originally and uniquely crispy and tender in its own taste. Their Brick Oven Pizzas are of high-quality ingredients, and their Fried Chicken and Spaghetti are their best sellers. For Beverages, their coffee-based drinks, latte, and cappuccino can be enjoyed for only 50 pesos.

Share Café’s Ordering System that Surpasses all.

Through Share Café’s high-tech ordering system, convenience and satisfaction of customers are well-assured of comfort to their own seats, neglecting long lines, missed or inaccurate orders.

The process of ordering includes: (1) Guests connect to restaurant Wi-Fi with their own smartphones (2) Guests access the menu through their web browsers where they will also place their orders (3) Guests will have to wait for their orders to be served. Payment will be handed when the bill arrives.

The business also supports locals that they outsource their ingredients locally without neglecting the quality of taste and the produced authentic international cuisine.


Share Cafe List of Menu

 Appetizers  Soups and Salads
 Chicharon Fried Chicken  Tomato and Basil Soup
 Artisan Garlic Cheese Bread  Broccoli and Cheese Soup
 Chicken Wings  Caesar Salad
 Chorizo Cheese Dip  Garden Salad
 Fresh Corn Nachos  Chicken Arroz Caldo
 Potato Wedges  Sandwiches
 Brick Oven Pizzas  Keto Burger
 Smoked Salmon Pizza  Smoked Salmon Sandwich
 Crispy Pata Overload Pizza  Hot Pastrami Sandwich
 Signature Fried Chicken Pizza  Signature Club Sandwich
 All Meat  Loaded Burger
 Hawaiian Pizza  South Pacific Burger
 Pepperoni  Honey Cured Ham Sandwich
 Vegetarian Pizza  Cajun Chicken Cheddar Sandwich
 Margherita  Tuna Cheddar Melt Sandwich
 Pasta  Single Patty Overload Burger
 Spaghetti and Chicken  Monte Cristo Sandwich
 Arrabiata  Main Course
 Keto Arrabiata with Chicharon Fried Chicken  Pan-Seared Salmon
 Carbonara  14 oz Signature Slow Roasted Prime Rib
 Junior Spag and Chicken  Fish and Chips
 Spaghetti with Meat Sauce  Orange Beef
 Desserts   Kung Pao Chicken
 Supreme Chocolate Cake  Solo Pan Seared Salmon
 Berry Strawberry Cake  Crispy Pata
 Salted Caramel Cake  Hickory Smoked Baby Back Ribs
 Sweet Trio  Sirloin Beef Pata
 Chocolate Sin  Chicharon Fried Chicken
 Velvet Bomb  Chicken and Waffles
 Vanilla Shortcake  Char Siu
 Churros  Authentic Thai Green Chicken Curry
 Fluffy Japanese Pancakes  2pcs Buttermilk Fried Chicken
 Ensaymada  Pure Beef Burger Steak
 Kids Menu  Beverages
 OMG Spaghetti  Coffee
 Chicken Pops  Frappe
 Others  Juices
 Express Meals  Shakes
 Combo Meals
 Dream Combo – good for 4 persons
 Barkada Combo – good for 6 persons
 Extreme Combo – good for 6 persons
 Amazing Combo – good for 6 persons

Note that their Menu changes daily!

This unique and one of a kind restaurant wants to share a place that is full of love for family, friends, food, and hospitality.

Come and share yours at Share Cafe!

Opens at 8 am – 11 pm and for delivery every 11 am – 8 pm.

You can also make an online reservation and bookings for your parties.

Luks Lofts Bldg., Joseling Road, Pallocan West, Batangas City 21.83 km

Luks Lofts Hotel & Residences

Escape the hectic city life by experiencing a luxury stay on a high-technology hotel providing advance and exceptional amenities just within your reach. Enjoy the unforgettable experience your accommodation has to give you.

“Luks” is the Turkish translation of Luxury and the term “Lofts” describes the high-tech urban-chic rooms being offered at the state of the art 5-star luxury hotel. Luks Lofts Hotel & Residences started operations and services in 2016. It is owned by Ma. Bernadeth Baco and Turkish-American business partners. Its concept is one of a kind, introducing a unique brand of products and services ensuring guests of memorable luxury experience.

About the Business

Luks Lofts Hotel and Residences is a luxury hotel located at Lukslofts Bldg., Joseling Road, Pallocan West, Batangas City. It is known for being the first high-tech hotel in the Philippines that is already evident from the hotel’s exterior and interior design.

The hotel celebrates its marque on technological advancements as it is one of their foremost appealing factors. The advanced features of the hotel include keyless face biometrics access, motion-sensing doors, digital lights, indoor elevated jet pools, private sauna plus several more state of the art amenities. The hotel boasts of their drive for constant innovation and relentless efforts to set new standards in Luxury Accommodation.


Luks Lofts Exceptional Amenities

Luks Lofts Hotel and Residences has 11 Lofts, including 2 Loft types, the Luxury lofts that can accommodate 6 guests and Honeymoon Lofts that can accommodate 2 guests. Each loft has jet pools (22ft.long and 4.5 deep) with pumps and adjustable temperature and private saunas for relaxation, walk-in closets, full kitchen equipment, living and dining room, an entertainment area that is either an air hockey or a billiard table.


Luks Lofts Advance Features

Luks Lofts Hotel and Residences is very proud of their automated doors, digibutler system that gives convenience for guests’ food orders, room housekeeping, lights control, and exit door controls. They also have face biometrics for room access.


Other Facilities and Services

*Luks Cafe and Bar that offers a wide variety of delicious and healthy local and intercontinental cuisines with a big range of drinks and selected wines.

*In-room Spa Services



For the past two years of operating, guests have nothing but positive reviews towards Luks Lofts Hotel and Residences. The hotel guarantees an extravagant and unforgettable experience from reservation to check-out.

Luks Loft Hotel and Residences wants to provide guests an exceptional and memorable stay in their lofts, enjoying luxurious services offered with the best feeling of convenience.


 Loft Types
 Luxury Loft  Honeymoon Loft
 10 units, approximately 85sqm/915sft.   1 unit, approximately 100sqm/1077sft
 Inclusions :   Inclusions :
 (2) Queen Bedroom  Private 4.5ft deep Elevated Jet Pool
 Private 4.5ft deep Elevated Jet Pool  Private Sauna
 Private Infrared/Lava Rock Sauna  1 spacious bedroom with Jean-Paul Gaultier bed (Roche Bobois)
 Complimentary Mini-Bar  Billiard Table
 Network Controlled Doors  Sofa set wrapped in a silk cover
 Power Control System (lights and appliances automation through the  smart device)  Network Controlled Doors
 Digi Butler  Digi Butler
 100% Memory Foam Mattress  Choice of Dinnerware (Versace or Hermes)
 Complimentary WIFI access  Complimentary WiFi access
 Cable TV and Unlimited Free HD movie access  Cable TV and Unlimited Free HD movie access
 Fully equipped kitchen  Fully equipped kitchen
 Free Parking  Free Parking


SM City Batangas
Concha Road, Batangas, Batangas, Philippines 21.84 km

Draft your shopping list now as SM City Batangas 3-Day Sale is seven days away from today and that’s from October 18 to 20. As always, discounts will skyrocket up to 70% and that’s one great deal especially if you will start buying gifts for your godchildren and your loved ones.

See you at SM City Batangas next week and watch out for a special feature we’ll be releasing to further help you maximize the advantages of this exciting mallwide sale!

SM City Batangas
Concha Road, Batangas, Batangas, Philippines 21.84 km

16 SM City Batangas1
SM City Batangas, the 19th SM Supermall, opened in November 12, 2004. It is located on a 8.53 hectare property in Barangay Pallocan West, Batangas City. The two level 75,000 square meter Mall serves customers in the bustling Industrial Port City of Batangas, as well as those from nearby municipalities and nearby Southern Tagalog provinces. SM Batangas’ vantage point: it is situated in the CALABARZON area, classified as the Regional Growth Center of Luzon.

The Mall’s potential for growth is promising as the City of Batangas gears up activities on trade, finance, education and medical services for most part of the province . As a center for trade and commerce, it hosts one of the largest oil refineries in the country, Pilipinas Shell, and three natural gas power plants namely Keilco, First Gas and Malampaya On-Shore Gas Plant. Other major industries include: San Miguel Food Corporation, JG Summit Petrochemical Corp., Universal Robina Corp., Himmel Industries Inc., Chemphil Bulk Terminal, San Lorenzo Power Plant and First Philippine Industrial Corp. It is the center for education, with three of the largest universities in the province and recently, more International Schools have chosen the City as their campus sites.

The City draws thousands of transient and migratory workers, with 46 banking and other financial institutions, 4 hospitals and 3 hotels and various government agencies. With the opening of the Most Holy Trinity Parish Church in November 2007 and the religious pilgrims visiting and attending Catholic priest Fr. Suarez’ healing masses at the Monte Maria Shrine, the City is fast becoming a religious destination of many Filipinos as well.

For event booking please call the Mall Marketing Department at 724-8903 to 04.

Euphoria Bar and Resto
Euphoria Bar and Resto
Euphoria Bar and Resto
Euphoria Bar and Resto
Euphoria Bar and Resto
Euphoria Bar and Resto
Euphoria Bar and Resto
Pallocan West, Batangas City 21.86 km

69 Euphoria Bar and Resto 1
Euphoria is a high-end Bar and Resto located at Pallocan West, Batangas City. For those who want to experience a classy night out with buddies, well Euphoria is the place for all of you.  This Bar’s ambiance will make you feel relaxed and comfy all the time. Euphoria also accepts functions like wedding, baptismal, reunions and most specially debuts. It also offers al fresco dining. These are for guests who want to enjoy chilling out. Also situated outside is a stage for concerts and other outdoor activities.

15 My Hometown’s Finest Photo Contest.jpg
Concha Road, Batangas, Batangas, Philippines 21.88 km

The awarding program for My Hometown’s Finest Photo Contest will be held at SM City Batangas on July 16, 2011 from 10:00am-11:30am. Program starts at exactly 10:15am.

10:00 AM – Registration
10:15 AM – Start of Photography Workshop
10:45 AM – Q&A and How to Use Digicam Properly
11:00 AM – Performance from GuitarTutee
11:15 AM – Awarding of Winner and Raffle Prizes

Contestants, congratulations to you for your entries! We have been successful in promoting the finest products, people and places of your hometown! We would really appreciate your attendance in our Awarding Program. Please invite your friends and family to come with you to celebrate because you might be the grand winner of our Red 1100D SLR. Just fill-out the registration form below.

We will be inviting students from a well-known University here in Batangas for our photography workshop. If you would like to attend the workshop yourself along with your friends, you are very much welcome. For the invited participants, please fill out registration form below.
Raffle Prizes from our sponsors will be given during the workshop!

Awarding Program – My Hometown’s Finest Photo Contest by WOWBatangas.com – Registration Sheet
Date : July 16, 2011 Saturday
Venue : Event Center, SM City Batangas

Registration will be done online and there will just be on-site confirmation of attendees. Program starts at exactly 10:15am.
Limited seats available.

Register now!

P.S. If you have a digicam or SLR, please bring it. There will be a workshop and photoshoot in the morning and a Cosplay event at SM Batangas in the afternoon.

MtBusiness Day.jpg
Concha Rd, Batangas, Batangas, Philippines 21.88 km




As part of its commitment to help build a digital nation

Globe myBusiness brings SME caravan to Batangas to showcase latest business solutions, tips amid digital age


As part of its commitment to help build a digital nation, Globe Telecom is expanding the reach of its nationwide digital solutions caravan for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through its SME arm Globe myBusiness as it holds the 3rd Globe myBusiness Day in Batangas City.

Globe myBusiness has been working relentlessly with local government units (LGUs) nationwide to bring one of the country’s much-awaited ground fairs for existing and aspiring SMEs to help them learn the ropes of entrepreneurship in the digital age.

Now on its 3rd installment in Batangas with previous roll-outs in Cauayan, Isabela and Davao City, the Globe myBusiness Day caravan is a one-stop exhibit for entrepreneurs, allowing SMEs to explore new business opportunities, find new ways to increase their revenues, discover new solutions to stay competitive in the digital age, meet and be inspired by successful entrepreneurs and get great deals from suppliers to save on costs through showcase of the latest digital solutions,  insightful speaker discussions, and interactive display of booths from participating SMEs.

Aside from showcasing its portfolio of offerings, Globe myBusiness is also bringing RJ Ledesma, co-founder of Mercato Centrale Food Market and Anthony Pangilinan, Chairman of Chief Disturber of Businessworks, Inc. to share tips and tricks to help make businesses better.

“With Globe myBusiness, anyone can be a businessman, especially in a highly-digital world,” shares Globe myBusiness vice president Barbie Dapul. “And through our institutionalized Globe myBusiness Day caravans, we are helping entrepreneurs discover new ways of doing business to stay competitive in the digital age through our portfolio of solutions, interesting talks and sharing of best practices, and wide array of business investment opportunities from partner suppliers, franchisors and loan facilities.”

“Batangas is one of the country’s biggest SME hubs and we recognize the big contributions that SMEs give to drive growth in our economy, that’s why we are very excited to bring Globe myBusiness Day in Batangas to reach out to the SME communities there and help make their enterprises grow, succeed, and become globally-competitive,” she added.

At the Globe myBusiness Day, Globe myBusiness will be showcasing its portfolio of digital solutions such as the Globe myBusiness Tracker, a do-it-yourself portable GPS Tracking solution that enables users to monitor the real-time location of their vehicles even without the need of device installation. With the Globe myBusiness Tracker, users can improve delivery planning, do real-time monitoring and live tracking, improve driving habits and save unnecessary costs. The Globe myBusiness Tracker is available at Plan 699 with 24-months lock-up period in Globe stores nationwide.

SMEs can also avail of Shopify, an e-Commerce platform that allows anyone to open their own online store in minutes. It is one of the solutions that will help SMEs to simplify and professionalize their business operations for as low as P659 a month.

Aside from Shopify, Globe myBusiness also offers myShopkeeper, a cloud-based sales and inventory tracking solution; Google Apps for Work, which provides businesses with custom email address; Canvas for digital business forms and receipts; and Globe Charge, a mobile card reader attached to a smartphone which allows entrepreneurs to accept credit card payments even when they are on-the-go.

The Globe myBusiness Day in Batangas will be held at SM City Batangas Activity Center on Saturday, February 20, 2016 from 10:00am – 6:00pm. To know more about the activities of Globe myBusiness Day, visit https://mybusiness.globe.com.ph/mybusinessday. To learn more about Globe myBusiness and its suite of products and services, visit https://mybusiness.globe.com.ph.

# # #

For more information, please contact:

Yoly C. Crisanto                                                                                                                      

Head, Corporate Communications                                                                                        

Globe Telecom, Inc.                                                                                                               

Email Address: gtcorpcomm@globe.com.ph                                                                       

Globe Press Room: http://www.globe.com.ph/press-room                                           

Twitter: @talk2GLOBE │ Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/globeph


SUPRA Music Fest
LPU Riverside Gymnasium, Gulod Batangas 22.64 km

Catch IV of Spades LIVE in Batangas for SUPRA MUSIC FEST on July 27, 2018 at 7 PM at LPU Riverside Gymnasium, Gulod Batangas.

Other guests:
Janine Teñoso
Antonio Bathan Jr.
8th Note

Ticket Prices:
VIP – 600
Balcony – 450
General Admission – 350

Tickets are now available at the following:

batangas logo.jpeg
DREAM Zone Capitol Compound, Batangas City 22.79 km

This December 07-08 is the celebration of the 438th Founding Anniversary of Batangas Province.

It is going to be a 2-day event that will be held at the City of Sto. Tomas on December 07, and at the Provincial Capitol on December 08.

Here’s the Schedule of Activities for the 2-day event.

Fun.Food.Faith in the New City (the City of Sto. Tomas)

 Activity  December 07,2019 | Saturday
 Thanks Giving Mass  7:00 am – National Shrine of St. Padre Pio, Brgy. San Pedro, City of Sto. Tomas | Breakfast with the Mayor
 3 on 3 Basketball  7:00 am – Hosted by First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities | City of Tanauan
 Bulalo Challenge  9:00 am – 12:00 nn – Palengke! Palengke!, Poblacion II, City of Sto. Tomas
 Luncheon (Governor’s Dialogue)  12:00 nn – Hosted by Batangas Forum at NDN Grand Hotel | City of Sto. Tomas

“Ika-438 Anibersaryo: Taas Noo, Diwang Batangueno”

 Activities for the 438th Founding Anniversary of Batangas Province
 December 08, 2019
 Concelebrated Mass (7:00 am)
 Main Celebrant Archbishop Gilbert Garcera, D.D
 Performance by Drumbeaters
 – Parade of Colors
 – National Anthem
 – Production Number (Provincial Government Employees)
 – Apat na Siglo ng Pagkakatatag (AVP)
 – Governor’s Message
 – Sayaw na Subli
 – Awarding Ceremonies
          – Batangas Culture and Arts Awards
          – Rescuelympics
          – Seal of Good Local Government Awardees
          – Recognition of the 2nd Most Outstanding Marine Protected Area in the Philippines (locally managed)
          – Turn-over of Motor Bancas to Fisherfolks
 – Response by Dr. Bienvenido Lumbera, Awardee
 – Cutting of Batangas Foundation Cake
 – Performance (Tribute to the Awardees)
 VIP Luncheon at PTCAO


hotline logo.jpeg
Batangas City, Batangas, Philippines 22.79 km


List of Emergency Hotlines in Batangas City :


 Landline   Mobile Numbers
  Bureau of Fire Batangas City  (043) 301 7996
  BFP Alangilan Substation  (043) 702 1973
  Batangas City Police Station  (043) 723 2476/ (043) 723 2030   09164291515 / 09989673414
  Batangas Medical Center  (043) 740 8307
  Jesus of Nazareth Hospital  (043) 723 4144
  St. Patricks Hospital and Medical Center  (043) 723 7089 – 92
  Golden Gate General Hospital  (043) 341 3112
  Batangas Healthcare Specialist Medical Center  (043) 741 2088

P.Dandan, Poblacion, Batangas, Philippines 22.8 km
P. Burgos Street Batangas City Batangas 22.87 km
batangas logo.jpeg
Batangas City, Batangas 22.91 km

For the 50th Founding Anniversary of Batangas City, with a theme “Batangas City: Kariktan @ 50” Join and Participate in the series of events from July 4-23, 2019.

Here are the lists of Activities for the Sublian Festival 2019 in Celebration of the 50th Founding Anniversary of Batangas City :

Schedule of Activities  Date and Time
 Pista ng Kalikasan  July 4, 2019, Thursday
 Papuon ng Lungsod ng Batangas  July 5, 2019, Friday | 2 pm
 Launching of E-trike  July 6, 2019, Saturday | 8 am
 Harana sa Bb. Batangas City Foundation Day 2019  July 7, 2019, Sunday | 6 pm
 Haying Batangan  July 13-23, Saturday-Tuesday
 Takbo para sa Kalusugan  July 14, 2019, Sunday | 5 am
 Zumba sa Plaza  July 16, 2019, Tuesday | 6 am
 Gawad Gintong Duyan  July 16, 2019, Tuesday | 2 pm
 Patimpalak Parangal kay Apolinario Mabini  July 18, 2019, Thursday
 Awiting Likhang Batangenyo  July 18, 2019, Thursday | 8 am
 Mga Sayaw na Katutubo sa Batangas  July 18, 2019, Thursday | 1 pm
 Tanduay – Araw ng Kabataan  July 19, 2019, Friday
 Palaro (Students Fair) Meet and Greet  July 19, 2019, Friday | 8 am
 Kapamilya Karavan  July 20, 2019, Saturday | 4 pm
 Patimpalak Sublian  July 22, 2019, Monday | 1 pm
 Paghahatid sa mga Mahal na Poong Sto. Nino at Sta. Cruz  July 22, 2019, Monday | 6 pm
 Sublian Festival  July 23, 2019, Tuesday
Grand Sublian Parade  July 23, 2019, Monday | 9 am
      – Street Dancing
      – Sublian Float Parade
      – Court Dancing Competition  1 pm
      – Awarding Ceremonies for Winners  5 pm

Coopbank of Batangas
Batangas, Calabarzon, Philippines 22.95 km
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