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Casa Corazon’s Motorcycle Museum, First in the Philippines

In one forum, a motorcycle enthusiast shared: “We died and went to motorcycle heaven.”

Having said that, the motorcycle museum inside Casa Corazon is indeed ‘heaven’ for anyone who breathes motorcycle. If you know a lot about motorcycle parts, mechanisms, brands, and origins, this museum is aptly considered your ‘happiest place on earth’. Yes, matching the level of elation a kid would find in Disneyland.

The ‘only one in Asia’

Casa Corazon Resort is located a stone’s throw away from the boundary of Lemery and Calaca. You might wonder why they are tagging the resort as the ‘only one in Asia’. Casa Corazon has common resort features which include two pavilions for events, swimming pool, conference room, overnight accommodations, huts for day tour guests, and recreation area. Some resorts would add aviary as added attraction. All of these you can find at Casa Corazon and more.

Casa Corazon - First and Only Motorcycle Museum in Batangas, Philippines - BMW, Vespa, Honda, Largest CollectionThat more pertains to the picnic grove, the ancestral house, and the motorcycle and vintage car museum in the resort. The combination of all of these facilities may seem vague for some who might have a hard time to imagine putting it all together in one place. No worries, each facility has their own space there.

If there’s a wheel, there’s a way

Yeah, wheels. Lots of them! And our way took us to the first and only motorcycle museum in Batangas and yes, in the Philippines.

Guiding us on our tour is Ali Tibayan, the youngest child of the resort owners. Of course, the first thing to ask is how many motorcycles and vintage cars comprise his dad’s extensive collection that led the family to give birth to this museum. Even Ali lost count, haha, but we were told it’s around 160 to 200 units.

BMW Collection - Casa Corazon Motorcycle MuseumLet’s talk about the motorcycles first. Because there are many of them, they are housed in three display halls. The first hall we visited displays random collection of motorcycles. A fair mix of classic and vintage units; of Vespas, Hondas, Monkeys, etc.

It started as one great passion for restoring two-wheeled (some are three-wheeled) wonders found on the brink of deterioration in some junk shops, mostly in Bulacan. Several units were from other collectors and some, from Ebay.

Looking at each of them in highly impressive form, standing like they have just gone out of the manufacturing plant, you might be left dumbfounded just thinking how Ali’s dad, Boy, brought each one back to life.

Casa Corazon - BMW Motorcycle Collection - R75 1941 WWII German Army MotorcycleMoving to the next display hall, we were welcomed with an array of Monkeys and Gorillas (reminder, we’re not in a zoo) – small Honda motorbikes introduced in the 1960s. A couple of vintage bicycles were also on display in this hall.

Only a true motorcycle enthusiast can understand how one part of a motorcycle lives in sync with the rest and how one model differs from the others. Like when we entered the third hall – the BMW collection. If you’re a girl who knows little about motorcycles, it’s safe to describe this collection as ‘gwapo’. And when you say ‘gwapo’ (handsome), no one will argue with you.

The oldest model in the whole collection (including the Vespas, Hondas, etc.) is the 1923 BMW. The third hall shows the progression of their BMW motorcycle collection. Each has corresponding label where you can learn about the history and the parts of each unit.

One of the most attention-grabbing unit is the 1941 R75 World War II German Army motorcycle. They got the unit on Ebay, restored every detail they can to make it like it’s fit for another World War again with the sidecar, machine gun, and trailer.

Casa Corazon Motorcycle and Vintage Car Museum - BMW IsettaAside from the huge motorcycle collection, there are also five vintage cars showcased on a separate hall. And everybody’s favorite? the BMW Isetta motorcar from the 1950s. It’s like a hybrid of Mr. Bean’s car and a tricycle but way too fascinating, we were gushing the whole time about how ‘cute’ and ‘astig’ it is at the same time.

The next time you visit Lemery or Calaca, don’t waste the opportunity to visit the first motorcycle museum in the Philippines, only at Casa Corazon.

Casa Corazon is located at Brgy. Calauang, Sinisian West, Lemery, Batangas. You may contact them through the following numbers: +63 927 3505465 | +63 2 4966626 | +63 43 4192009. For other inquiries, email them at or visit their website,

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