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Anilao Tanlak Beach Resort, A Simple Paradise in Mabini, Batangas

Anilao Tanlak (26)

Popularly known as a diving and snorkeling haven, Anilao in Mabini, Batangas introduces a concept resort not just for divers that will make your stay fun and memorable. Attracting tourists and locals for its modern design set in front of the Anilao seascape, Anilao Tanlak Beach Resort is another destination you, your family and friends might want to check out.

Anilao Tanlak sits in between the high-end diving resorts who cater to international divers and the regular hut resorts intended for locals. What separates it though from both is their food.

From our interview with Mr. Obet Prado, the Resort Manager: “Tanlak is a kind of bamboo and where the name of the resort came from. The owner wanted to bring in a trendy-type of architecture here in Anilao, and make it a little different from the others. The atmosphere here in Anilao is serene and calm – it gives you just the relaxation you wanted. Our beach resort is much like the others but the only difference is we want our clients to not only have a good time and enjoy the day but to have a memorable experience so that they would want to come back and experience that satisfaction again. Our goal really is to make our clients happy as much as possible.”

Undoubtedly, we had a good time in Anilao Tanlak, not just because of the scenery, the spacious and well-designed rooms and rest rooms, the restaurant and videoke setup, BUT because of the staff and crew of Anilao Tanlak who are very hospitable and friendly.

Situated just a few kilometers from the Anilao port, we were almost speechless when we saw how classy and modern the resort looks from the inside.

Each room of Anilao Tanlak has its variety and style. With a room that serves families, barkada and couples, what more can you look for? You will definitely get the leisure and bonding time you need, and the resort staff will provide you the room that suits your taste.

The swimming pool was a little bit small but that’s fine because the sea is right beside the resort. They also offer three kubos, each with different style.

And did we mention the food already? Prepared by Chef Adrian Cenizal, we were amazed by the presentation of each dish served. The food tastes as good as it looks.

They served us:
For appetizers, Mushroom Soup – Nothing like soup for starters that keeps you talking when the main meal isn’t served yet.
Chicken Cordon with Honey Mustard – It was like a mixture of sweet and sour flavor all over our mouths.
Chicken Dynamite -Tasting the stuffed chicken in green bell pepper was a funny notion of why it was called Chicken Dynamite but the name served its purpose. You’ll find yourself bursting hot for it was spicy but it keeps on coming for the taste gives you the urge to have more.
Bamboo Chicken Rolled in Spicy Curry Sauce – Here, we were served by a combination of vegetables, chicken and spicy curry sauce.
Dory Wrapped in Bacon with Mix Green Salad in Garlic Dressing – It is fish that is wrapped around with bacon and oh my, it was delicious.
Fiesta Rice – Of course, in every meal there’s always rice to combine our dish to and for the record, you can appreciate it on its own.
Lastly for our desert, Frozen Fruit Salad, it melts around your mouth like ice that satisfies the sweetness you’ve been craving for.

For breakfast, you can either order rice meals, omelettes and pancakes. We were also served pansit for merienda.

Anilao Tanlak is a resort that offers its client a good place to stay with a nice view. Their weekends are full-packed as they offer live acoustic performances for their guests. Small weddings and birthday parties can also be accommodated by the resort. We had the privilege of holding our WOWBatangas Christmas Party there and it was a really memorable one! Truly, it was a simple paradise here in the province.

Contact Information:
Mr. Obet Prado
Globe: 0917-850-6621
Sun: 0925-622-0502
Smart: 0928-421-1294
Landline: (043)410-1846
Address: Brgy. San Jose, Mabini, Batangas

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  1. Hi, how do I get a cottage? How much will it cost? Thanks

    • You may call Mr. Obet Prado on the following numbers:
      Globe: 0917-850-6621
      Sun: 0925-622-0502
      Smart: 0928-421-1294
      Landline: (043)410-1846

  2. Can you send the room rates planning to go were 8 people on may 16

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