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Quiapo’s Black Nazarene draws thousands in Mataasnakahoy

the black nazarene visits mataasnakahoy

The black nazarene of Quiapo

Senor Nazareno or the Black Nazarene, one of the most honored images of Christ here in the Philippines, visited Immaculate Concepcion Parish, Mataasnakahoy, Batangas, Aug. 9-12.

The three day visit has given a chance among locals to see, the said to be miraculuos, Black Nazarene. Thousands of Roman Catholic devotees flocked to join the masses and procession of the Black Nazarene—believed to be the first time such an event was held in Mataasnakahoy.

The newly reconstructed church of the Immaculate Concepcion almost overflow with devotees during the Nazareno visit. People from all walks of life indeed alloted time to do vigil and to attend masses led by several priests in the province.

The statue was brought to Manila by the first group of Augustinian Recollect friars on May 31, 1606.[1] The image was originally housed in the first Recollect church in Bagumbayan (now part of the Rizal Park), which was inaugurated on September 10, 1606, and placed under the patronage of Saint Juan Bautista Saint John the Baptist.

In 1608, the image of the “Nazareno” was transferred to the second, bigger Recollect church dedicated to San Nicolas de Tolentino (Saint Nicholas of Tolentine). The Recollect Fathers vigorously promoted devotion to the Suffering of Our Lord represented by the image that in fifteen short years, the Cofradia de Santo Cristo Jesús Nazareno was established on April 21, 1621. The confraternity obtained Papal approval on April 20, 1650, from Pope Innocent X.

Sometime in the year 1787, then Archbishop of Manila, Basilio Sancho de Santas Junta y Rufina, ordered the transfer of the image of the Nazareno to the church in Quiapo, again providently placed under the patronage of Saint John the Baptist.

The image survived the great fires that destroyed Quiapo Church in 1791 and 1929, the great earthquakes of 1645 and 1863, and the destructive Bombing of Manila in 1945 during World War II.

Today the head and the cross stays on the Altar Mayor of the Minor Basilica, and the original body image of the Black Nazarene is used in the processions. Other, even smaller replica can be found in other churches. (source)

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